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BLT Cauliflower Crusted Pizza

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A small slice of BLT pizza.  Very yummy.
Serves 6 or 12 person appetizer pieces



  • Preheat oven to BROIL:
Only had 1/2 the bacon left as my kids ate a bunch, especially my son.
Instead of a tomato pizza sauce, I like using fresh pesto I make - Swiss Chard - Cilantro Pesto
My healthy version of lettuce, which is Mixed Greens.  Needed to use this before it spoiled.
I was planning on using fresh tomatoes and the idea of a BLT pizza came to mind.
Topped with shredded skim mozzarella.
  • Put pizza in oven on BROIL for 5-7 min.  The thinner the pizza, the less time.  Do not overcook as it will burn.
I'm taking this tray and another to my Wednesday night life group.  My turn for snacks.

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