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When I seriously embarked on my journey to lose the extra belly fat to get a flat tummy, to get rid of all arm jiggle, and my thighs from touching, nearly 14 yrs ago.  I remember, I was 29 yrs old and it was a hot summer. Seems like I start a lot of things often right in the middle of winter or the most awful time of the Arizona summer.  I've given up Dr Pepper's in August, started doing the 'Weigh Down Workout' in August.  There were other things, too.

Anyway, we all have different stories and I think my next post will be about a summary of my story.

For some people, they are like me - avid exercisers, contientious about their health and eating, but the weight just fails to come off.  Now I'm realizing it's due to food or other chemical or environmental sensitivities that we don't understand are negatively impacting our results.

Other people, the are able to get on the right plan pretty much on the get go, with no real food or other sensitivities and are able to drop weight.

Still, there is another group of people that can lose weight relatively easy, but they never really incorporated those things that took to lose the weight in the first place into their lifestyle, and thus, regained the weight again and again - yoyoing.

It's not just to lose weight, but to keep it off.  It requires particularly the mental & emotional aspects, translating into behaviorial changes for life.  Otherwise, it's just something you do for a period of time, but like a good rubber band, it always snaps back to what it is.

There are many other combinations of stories that I can think of, but each is different, or maybe there is a different twist.  No story is wrong or bad, rather it is unique to an individual.  Then, we can take each story and bucket them in groups that most resemble another story and look at these, to see how we can tailor each to have lasting results and the ability to maintain.

I'm not going to cover stories here where people have opted to use surgery like liposuction or gastric bypass or taking diet pills and things like that.  Not going to judge them, but they just made choices that I would not.  That's okay, too.

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