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Something I've noticed since doing these Spartacus workouts back in late January is that they are tough workouts and I think maybe once or twice I did not do a proper cooldown due to time constraints.  Outside of that, I've been very focused to properly cooldown not just with stretching, but with working on trigger points (muscle knots or tightness) in my body.

Since most days I'm at my computer and sit for hours and have been doing this for years, I've developed all sorts of triggers points.  However, over the past months, I've been working on these more aggressively to get rid of them.  What I'm finding out is that as I get rid of trigger points in my body, I have much greater range of motion and increased flexibility.

Though I know nothing about reflexology and am not into the New Age aspects of that, I do subscribe to that perhaps our feet and hands are a mirror image of our entire body.  I found this video on YT by Dr. Perry that talks about using a golf ball to release myofascial stuff in the feet, that could do it for the whole body.  It's interesting and thought I might give it a try.

Because I have a slick floor area, I put my golf ball in a sock and am currently rolling it under my right foot for about 5 min..  I'm really surprised there are areas that are quite painful to apply pressure to.  I'm going to attempt to remember to do this daily, as well as have my kids do it daily, and see what it does for each of us.

For me, the outer part of my right foot near the ball of my foot is where there is the most pain in doing this.

So, I Googled Foot Reflexology to see what that meant and got this:

Wow, it turns out the areas that I am having actually the most issues are this coughing thing.  That's my #1 complaint right now and low and behold, it turns out for both feet, the outer balls of my feet are in such pain. That is associated with my lungs where I've been coughing uncontrollably and awfully.

I've also been working on my shoulders the past 2 days, where there is pain and tightness.  Interesting.  I wonder if working on this with my feet will help lessen my cough?  Can't hurt trying.

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