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Fast Track & Spartacus 2.0 - Wk 6, Day 1, Mon, 9-Apr-2012

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  • BP:  119/72, 62 bpm -  Not quite sure why my BP is up.  I am feeling better.
  • Trying out Sprout's bulk whey protein.  It's $11.99/lb.  It ends up being about $15 for a container of protein powder (about 1.25 lbs), which normally costs me in the $35-40 range.  Granted, this doesn't have all the other stuff they put in.  It is just straight whey.  I have enough Greens powder for several months to add extra nutrients.  Anyway, even throwing in the stuff I do, it might make this a $20 container, which is nearly 1/2 price, depending on which protein powder I buy.  No preservatives needed.
  • Got my Arizona and Federal Taxes Filed.  The IRS was no help after being on hold for a long time just to get transferred to be on hold for an even longer time, which they hung up on me because I went to go pick up my kids (I figured waiting nearly 2 hrs was a long time the 2nd time) from school which I was now way late because I was on hold for so long.  Never got my questions answered.  I just filed with the information I could find and figure out and if it needs to be amended, it needs to be amended.  This was quite an exhausting time to do this for hours today.
  • The gym, Fitness Works, said they would honor what they told me in allowing me use of their kettlebells, though, the sales guy did deceived (called lied to me) me to get me to join.  I have not liked how they (any of the men) have handled this situation with me.  Talked with the manager (Ashley) and she said whenever I choose to come in to work out with the kettlebells, provided the GPT (group personal training) class isn't using them, I can use them.  She will leave my name at the desk and they will unlock the kettlebells for me.  That was the only reason why I joined the gym and let them know.  We'll see when I go to the gym if this really is the case or not.
  • I know, my eating pretty much stunk today.  I had been on the phone dealing with the IRS (or trying to), writing (unfortunately unpaid), dealing with the gym.  I didn't think too much about food, but if anything, I did drink water.
  • Emotionally & mentally feeling drained.  Need to take a short nap.  Doesn't help that my kids are also irritated with me (I was very late picking them up from school).  Never took a nap as it got too late and didn't want to impede my sleep.

SMARTER GOAL:  Get my workout done. --->  Failed.

SLEEP:  11:45 pm - 7:15 am (7.5 hrs) - Had all sorts of dreams last night, but don't remember any.  Feeling groggy and tired.  Actually woke up to my alarm blaring at 6:30 am and drifted in and out of sleep.  So glad my kids are old enough to get themselves ready for school.

8:15 am - Heart Meds, 6 Women's Multi-Vitamins w/Iron
10:00 pm - Heart Meds, 1 Mg capsule, 2 MSM capsules

EATING:  Jorge Cruise's Fast Track Menu (Day 71)

Meal 1 @ 8:30 am:   a large piece of Cabbage & Pesto Quiche (what was rest of the left . . . it was a little more than 1 serving)

Meal 2@ 6:30 pm: - I made a dish that used spices, coconut milk, chicken thighs, onions, eggplant, red pepper, cauliflower in the crockpot all day long.  Actually, it was the chicken thighs & onions all day long.  Through various parts of the day, I added the veggies after lightly sauteeing them.

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