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Okay, I'm having to make some changes to how I blog for a little while, as I didn't realize that I wasn't supposed to be publishing my workout specifics.  I've been blogging for years about what I've been doing and though some of my blogs have been private, about a 1.5 yrs ago, I went public with more stuff.  But, I can respect the privacy of others and the information I've been given to not share that information publically.

Anyway, I haven't come up with a plan yet where I won't have to do double efforts.  Maybe this is a good thing.  I will still document in this blog what I'm doing, including my workouts, but as long as I'm on this particular program, I will not be publishing any workout specifics and keep those posts in draft form only for my eyes.

On days where I do workouts that are not specific to this program, I will publish those, as long as they don't include stuff I'm doing for this program.

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