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Foam Roller Workouts & Trigger Point Releases

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Here are videos that use a foam roller, a tp grid, tennis ball that I found helpful.  I do many of these, but not all of them and I think they are all useful.  Because I have been doing some of these regularly, I'm finding I'm far more flexible now than when I was when I wasn't doing these.

You don't need the grid, but I would love one of these as they are smaller and more compact.  I also like the grooves on them a lot.  Eventually I'll get one of these, as it would be another tool for me to use and easier to transport.

  This isn't with a foam roller, but since I sit at my computer a lot, I tend to hunch my shoulders forward. I think this would help with trigger points in this area and help to pull my shoulders back. Going to do this with a golf ball and see how it goes. I just did it with a golf ball, but in a sock, as without the sock, it slipped off the wall too easily. This was very painful working in this area of my shoulders. I do this one, but typically sitting in my office chair as I work. It's been very helpful. The hugging and moving the arms thing helps get even deeper.

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