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FTSW Week 12 - Body Stats - Sat, 21-Apr-12 (Spartacus 2.0 Beta - Wk 7)

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Date:  Sat, 4/21/12

Bodyfat Summary & Inches Summary

Bodyfat mm = 10.5 mm (-0.5 mm)
Bodyfat %: = 22.8% - from Tom Venuto's chart for Women Ages 41-45 (-0.45%)
Scale Weight = Xsw lbs (+1.4 lbs)
LBM + Water = Xlbm lbs (+2 lbs) 
Bodyfat = Xbf lbs (-0.6 lbs)

Neck:  13.5" (no change)
- Left:  12"  (no change)
- Right:  12.75"  (-0.25")
- Left:  10.13" (-0.12")
- Right:  10.75" (no change)

Chest (at Nipples):  39" (no change)
Under Breasts:  32.25" (no change)
Waist (Smallest Area):  30.25"  (no change)  
Belly Button (2" Below):  34.25"  (no change)  
Hips (Widest):  39" (no change)

Upper Thighs
- Left:  22"  (-0.13")  
- Right:  22.75"  (no change)  
Mid Thighs
- Left: 19" (-0.13")
- Right:  19"  (no change)
Calves (Widest)
- Left:  15.25"   (-0.25")
- Right:  15.5" (-0.25")

Total Inches:  347.125" (-1.13")

WEEKLY (Gained/Released):
Inches = -1.13"
Weight = +1.6 lbs
LBM (lbs) = +2 lbs
Bodyfat (lbs) = -0.6 lbs
Bodyfat % = -0.45%

NET (Gained/Released): 84 Days
Inches = -36.63"
Weight = -13.8 lbs 
(add another 5 lb drop to this as I dropped this after the dr's visit & prior to doing this)
LBM (lbs) = +11 lbs
Bodyfat (lbs) = -24.8 lbs
Bodyfat % = -10.2%

Notes:  I injured my left knee during cooldown on Tuesday after my workout.  Took the scheduled Wed as a rest day and tried to do my workout on Thurs.  I only made it through the first 7 exercises of Round 1.  My knee was hurting during lunges and I could not go deep in squats, but when I went to do the Swiss Ball Rollouts, my knee was in such pain, had to stop.  I've been icing and finally got some Alleve on Friday.  Did not workout on Friday, so I basically got 2.25 Spartacus workouts done out of 4.

What I'm noticing is on weeks where I'm not doing all the workouts, my results are actually better.  I'm thinking maybe a 4 Spartacus workout week is too much for my body and doesn't give my specific body enough recovery/rest time.  I do follow Funk's thing regarding eating before and after with a post workout shake as well as a meal afterwards.

Though I am eating mostly paleo with a little dairy, and no real complex carbs, my bodyfat IS going down gradually.  This week, I did try to put a little complex carbs in a couple of my meals and I felt not good.  I either have grain intolerances or am allergic to this stuff.  And, there was another meal that I did have a little more sugar, natural sugar, but I felt kinda tired after the sugar rush.  After not eating hardly any sugar, having a bit more causes my body to not react very well.

Maybe Funk and other people are able to handle the extra sugar and complex carbs, but I think for me, my body chemistry is not wanting that.  Also, my period didn't end until Thursday.  Friday was the first day in 8-9 days I did not bleed.  Often when I'm on my period, my joints feel pretty mushy, which normally, if I have my period, it's usually for 3-4 days, so this was double that.  That, I believe, made me more susceptible to injury, as I thought I was just super flexible.

There are still 3 more weeks left of the Spartacus Beta 2.0 Program.  I'm hoping by Monday I can do the workouts again, but, if not, I'll be replacing the ones that involve the lower body with abs and upper body exercises so I can still workout.  But, for now, just going to rest my body, more icing, Alleve's and try to rest, though, this is not a restful weekend.

Last night, I finally was able to get some sleep and my knee wasn't bothering as much.  Praise God!  Though my weight is up, my inches and bodyfat are down a little.  The density of muscle is much more than fat or for the same weight, fat has much greater volume.  So, it does make sense that weight is up and bodyfat is down, thus, inches are down.  Yesterday my weight was actually down about 3 pounds from what it is today.  I did sorta eat a lot yesterday, but most of it protein and some veggies.  This week, I have lacked eating more veggies as I normally do.

I still have this awful cough, which is worse in the afternoons & evenings than the mornings.  So, with the combination of the cough, my knee, and inability to sleep due to the pain in my knee, it's been a rough week.  I am happy, though, this is the lowest my bodyfat has ever been.  Though, I wished I had lost in my mid-section, which I did not.  At least I maintained.  God is good and I am learning.

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