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AA2 Week 3, Day 4 - Thurs, 31-Mar-2011

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SMARTER GOAL - Do trigger point work.


SLEEP RECEIVED:  10:45 pm - 6:45 am (8 hrs) ----> Went to sleep with my back still hurting.  Back felt a little better with sleep and some Alleve.

Nap:  11:30 am - 1:45 pm (2.25 hrs) ----> Still tired.  Guessing hormones?  Back feels better after working on the psoas.  I think maybe all that trigger point work made me tired, too.

Nap:  4:30 pm - 6:45 pm (2.25 hrs) ---->  I was listening to some of Brad Yate's guided imageries and they put me to sleep very quickly.  I'm feeling more rested this second nap.  Hope I can still sleep tonight.

WATER CONSUMED (Goal is 100 oz):
Drank 16 oz by 7:30 am
Drank 22 oz by 11:00 am (38oz total)
Drank 22 oz by 3:15 pm (60oz total)
Drank 22 oz by 7:45 pm (82oz total)
22 oz by 9:30 pm (104 oz total)


Meal 1 (7:30 am):   about 3 organic scrambled eggs with a little grapeseed oil

----> I made 7 scrambled eggs with 1 tbspn grapeseed oil.  My kids took about 4 of the eggs, but I really don't know.  There was a little less than half left in the pan, so guessing that's about 3 eggs.  It tasted good.

Meal 2 (10:00 am):  Greens smoothie - red swiss chard, frozen mango, blueberries, strawberries, psyllium husk, Mila, fat free Greek yogurt, cinnamon, banana, water

---> Made this after my walk when I got home from the park, and consumed all of it before doing foam roller and other trigger point therapy work on my body.

Meal 3 (2:15 pm):  romaine lettuce, crockpot rotisserie chicken, cherry heirloom tomatoes, red onion, blue cheese dressing

----> Was sleeping and couldn't wake up to eat.

Meal 4 (4:00 pm):  granola & peanut butter

-----> I've just been having a craving for this, a little each day.  Better than eating ice cream or other junk food.

Meal 5 (7:30 pm):  crockpot rotisserie chicken (probably almost close to 1 chicken breast), a zucchini, 1/4 onion, 2 eggs, 4 tbspns salsa, a tblspn grapeseed oil


EXERCISE (shoes on):  8:37 am - 11:00 am
Warmup (2 rounds):  3:18
- Pushups x 8
- Squats x 12
- Spiderman Climbs x 10 total
- Jumping Jacks x 20

Cardio Time:  25 min. of Jump Rope Intervals 50:10

Equipment Used:  High Speed Jump rope, GymBoss Interval Timer, Polar Heartrate Monitor RS200, Paper & Pen

Jump Rope Interval Circuit (5 Rounds)
- Feet Together Jump for 50 sec x 10 sec rest  ---> Reps:  24,39,39,35,32
Jumping Jack for 50 sec x 10 sec rest ---> Reps:  38,34,33,35,30
- High Knee for 50 sec x 10 sec rest  ---> Reps:  26,27,32,26,32
- Shake Your Booty for 50 sec x 10 sec rest  ---> Reps:  22,33,23,34,23
- Alternating Single Foot for 50 sec x 10 sec rest   ---> Reps:  33,28,32,23,18

Heartrates Per Round:
Round 1:  Max Heartrate = 130 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 117 bpm
Round 2:  Max Heartrate = 131 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 127 bpm
Round 3:  Max Heartrate = 134 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 129 bpm
Round 4:  Max Heartrate = 137 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 134 bpm
Round 5:  Max Heartrate = 141 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 136 bpm

Total Time:  28:25 (includes warmup, but not cooldown)
Calories Burned:  344
Max Heartrate: 141 bpm
Avg Heartrate:  128 bpm

Zone 1 = 14:18, Zone 2 = 6:28, Zone 3 = 1:28

Notes:  This was my first time using the black high speed jump rope.  It's new.  I normally use my patriotic kid's looking jump rope that is heavier.  It is going to take some getting used to this high-speed jump rope as it's lighter.  Normally I don't wear my iPod to jump rope, so that is another thing.  I decided to go for the longer Tabata time of 50 secs on and stay with the 10 sec off.  I also started off jump roping in the grass, but because of this lightweight jump rope, it messed me up so I had to switch to jump roping under the cabana at the park, which is a hard surface. 

My original goal was to do 6 rounds of these 5 exercises, but I was really wiped out at 5 and could barely finish the 5th round and decided to not push it today with how I've been feeling.  Normally I also jump rope at home in the driveway, but today the weather was so nice and I was productive, decided after dropping the kids off at school & paying a bill, to jump rope at the park.  It was nice.

Walk in the Park
Total Time:  28:08 (does not include cooldown)
Calories Burned:  269
Max Heartrate: 125 bpm
Avg Heartrate:  111 bpm

Zone 1 = 14:18, Zone 2 = 6:28, Zone 3 = 1:28

Notes:  It was still so nice and though I was tired from the Jump Rope Intervals, I wanted to go for a walk and just listen to music and enjoy the scenery.  It was a leisurely walk and though I felt like going up and down the hills, I refrained and stayed on the sidewalk.  Wanted to give my knees a rest and not push it, but still get fresh air and exercise before it really warmed up later today.

The highs are supposed to be record for this time, just under 100° F.  I hope the weather forecasters are way wrong and it doesn't get above 85° F for the next 2 months (wishful thinking).

Trigger Point Work

Equipment Used:  6" dia x 36' long foam roller, yoga mat, large yellow golf ball, foot massage roller, medium golf ball

Areas Worked:
- Large Yellow Golf Ball on Psoas (for tightness that may be causing lower back pain during menstration)
- Foam Roller on IT bands, calves, quads, hams, shisn, length of spine, up and down back, obliques
- Foot Massage Roller on calves
- Medium Yellow Golf Ball on Pecs

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