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Mindset: Brainstorm 20 Things I Want From Ageless Abs2 Program

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The bulleted items are my 20.  I was able to group them into 4 major categories.  The #s with 10 are my top 4 (Scott said 3, but I need 4).  The paragraphs that are bolded, italicized are my why's.  I basically took what I wrote in the first Ageless Abs program last Fall and modified.

  • To go every day on this program seeking God, involving Him in every step of the way -- learn to be more dependent upon Him - apart from Him, I can do nothing - 10
Really being dependent upon God to empower me, to be creative, give me strength, for every single day from the breath I take, to accomplishing all sorts of goals, I cannot do anything without God.  It is pride that makes me think that I do not need God and when I get this way, it puts distance between God and I, thus resulting in me making poor & unwise choices.  God totally wants to be involved in my life and give me the very best life He desires me to have, but when I cop a prideful attitude, this hinders me from fully appreciating and receiving His blessings, though, He still blesses me.

A part of walking in faith in Jesus Christ would draw me into a more intimate relationship with Him, and strengthen me to be all the person God intended for me to be, to live a life of purpose & vision.  I want to pass down a great spiritual legacy for generations to come and it starts with me.  I don't have to take on the worries of this world, rather walk in a daily, moment-by-moment faith & trust in Jesus Christ with a pleasing attitude, learning to be content in every situation - whether good or bad, praising God. 

A close walk with God where I am with Him, not apart from Him, keeps me from falling into believing the lies of the enemy.  When I believe the lies, it's a really dark, unhappy, horrible place where I am weak, discontent, prideful and a whole list of other ugly things.  This would allow me to live a bold, strong, empowered life.

[AA2 Addition]  I want to incorporate Proverbs 27:12, "The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it."  The reason why I want to add this is because my body was telling me things in the last program that I did not listen, which resulted in me getting sick multiple times and get injured.  So, I will listen to my body and ask God to help me to do this, to discern and make the right decisions.

  • [AA2 Modification] To continue with assisting my body in being an excellent fat burning machine (great metabolism) by keeping daily sugar intake low, infrequent starchy food intake - 10
  • To consistently sleep at least 6 hrs continuous sleep every night, but preferably closer to 8 hrs night - in order to do this, I must practice good sleep hygiene by going to bed early enough and if I need naps, keeping them short and infrequent.
  • [AA2 Modification] To continue to easily eat small, healthy, nutritious meals every day as per my metabolic typing and adjust my caloric needs as I release bodyfat - this will help me to have a  good metabolism & feed my body to help it grow older with vitality
  • [AA2 Modification] To continue have consistent good energy levels by keeping sugar & starchy intake low to lead a productive, healthy lifestyle every day, thus resulting in not needing naps - not needing naps would give me greater focus to enjoy the day, accomplish more important things
  • To continue to easily integrate cardio, resistance and flexibility training daily into my life no matter where I am & do a variety of things - I want to be able to have a great quality of life from now through death, which I expect to be well after 90 yrs old
  • To have so much fun with this program, that my own kids want to incorporate versions of this into their lives (they are 7 and 10 yrs old)
  • [AA2 modification] To learn how to identify weaknesses in my body, how they got to be weaknesses and to strengthen them so I can build a better, healthier, stronger body that is not prone to injury
  • To be so healthy to not need any BP meds or any other meds in the future due to any chronic issues
Getting a metabolism working well, a good fat-burning machine will really take me having good sleep, eating, mindset, exercise hygiene on a daily basis and keep on doing this.  This will automatically cause my body to release excess fat at the correct timing, give me consistently good energy levels to meet the demands of my life.  I do believe that my BP has some relation to my pancreas, which regulates insulin.  When my metabolism is running well, this also means all the other systems:  digestive, excretory, circulatory, endocrine, etc. need to be in good balance and running well.

Having good health empowers me to feel good not only physically, but emotionally, spiritually, relationally, financially, intellectually but also be well.  Getting my metabolism in good working order will also cause me to address & overcome fears, lies, excuses that have held me back -- realizing I wasn't real far off, but just small deviations in the truth (ultimately a lie), can really wreak havoc in a person's life.  It's about having freedom within healthy boundaries & living a really abundant life.

  • [AA2 Addition] To follow through and begin the process of permanently clearing my debts so I can move forward financially - 10
  • To overcome financial fears that are holding me back from taking off financially - 9
  • To finish this program successfully again by following Scott's guidelines with ease & fun - it's really important to finish things you start that empower your life, otherwise, why start? - 5
  • [AA2 Addition] To continue to do Read Through The Bible In A Year every single day of this program and see how it benefits me here. - 9
  • Laser sharp focus no matter what on what matters, without excuses -- living a focused life with no excuses means an extraordinary life that isn't self-directed and selfish, but empowers the lives of your world and perhaps beyond - 8
  • Being able to accept, receive, discern, be truthful, and take joy/embrace in the truth, putting it into action.  It sets me free.  I do not need to hide. - 10
  • To be aware of my thoughts and be able to keep control of them, and recognize thoughts & feelings that do not serve me, because those actions will result in not good things, rather I can choose positive, truthful, good things. - 7
  • To be unoffendable - when we are not able to be offended, we can love & appreciate others and the circumstances with which we are in - 9
  • To be consistently organized in every area of my life from my children, finances, exercise, eating, sleep, thought life, home, car, reading, businesses, friendships, paperwork, data, time - this will take self-control & discipline daily, be conscious & aware - 6
  • To attract positive, enthusiastic, focused, balanced, successful people (men, women, children) & situations easily - 2
  • Be able to be silly, fun an spontaneous -- I tend to be very serious - 3
Living in lies, not being able to accept or receive truth has really negatively impacted my life, leaving things in such devestation.  But, I've found when the lies are uncovered, when I'm able to receive & accept Truth into whatever the situation is, I can then take responsibility for the choices I've made, where I am first.  Then, once I know why I've allowed those lies into my life, then rebuke those lies, get them out of my life and replace them with Truth.  Once I know the Truth, I can then take corrective measures/actions towards restoration.  Once restored to the state it was intended to be, then I can living abounding, in abundance and goodness in whatever was keeping me down, miserable, stuck.

There is a freedom in living in Truth, a safety that is fun, risky, exciting.  Because if you know the Truth and live strongly in that.  You will be able to discern what is Truth and what is a lie.  Lies are not good and in the end lead to death or death structures that keep us in bondage, basically hell on earth.


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