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My "Why?"

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Finding YOUR “Why”
1. List 3 things you want to change about your body.
  • Get rid of or minimize trigger points & weaknesses that cause injuries or poor health
  • Be an efficient fat-burning machine, have a really good metabolism
  • Have greater flexibility
2. Why is this so important to you? What is your reason?
The 3 things I wanted to change about my body changed greatly from when I did this program last fall due to the things I learned.  I learned that I had weaknesses in my body that I didn't realize made me more prone to injuries, therefore, setting me back in my goals.  If I didn't have these weaknesses & get injured, then I could stay on task with my goals.
If my metabolism is good, this means my hormones are balanced and other systems in my body are working well, which means good health.  It allows me to be able to work towards my goals AND get the results I ought to be instead of spinning my wheels.
Having good flexibility means that my body is freer from "knots" and helps me to be less injury prone, allowing my systems to operate more effectively.
3. List the habits or actions that have contributed to why your body is the way it is today. (What are you doing right now that allows you to keep this body)?
  • Not regularly stretching out
  • Sitting in one position too long
  • Not getting enough sleep consistently
  • Not breathing deeply enough
  • Doing too much energy work at one time
  • Not drinking enough water consistently
  • Not eating small meals frequently enough
  • Getting too stressed out too frequently
  • Not organized enough
  • Procrastination
  • Doing something too much, too often instead of having greater variety.
4. List 3 things you could do right now that will make a difference today (an action, no matter how small, that will bring you closer to your goal).
  • Get to bed earlier making sure I get at least 7 hrs a night consecutively.  Get to bed before 10:30 pm.
  • Spend daily time in Worship with God.
  • Reframe situations.
5. List at least 2 things that you are giving up by not being more fit.
  • Not being able to be focused enough to make the money I know I'm capable I'm making in my businesses
  • Not being able to wear the clothes I'd like and feel good in them.
6. What is it costing you?
This is costing me years off my life, feeling uncomfortable in my body, not being able to financially make better decisions due to my lack of consistency here, not allowing the right people to come into my life, keeping toxic relationships in, being negative.  It's costing me my future with my kids, other people, my destiny.
7. What do you gain by keeping things the way they are?
I don't have to face my fears and I get to live delusionally by never realizing my dreams or potential.  This really stinks.

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