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AA2 Week 1, Day 2 - Tues, 15-Mar-2011

SMARTER GOAL - Do my tabata jump rope workout.


SLEEP RECEIVED:  12:30 am - 8:45 am (8.25 hrs)  and 11:30 am - 4:00 pm (4.5 hrs) ----> I was a bit out of it when I woke up and even after 2 hrs, still felt out of it so I went back to sleep.  My body is sore (upper body), but hardly sleep over the weekend and getting back to working out after a month or so off, my body felt wiped out.  Was surprised when I woke up that it was 4 pm and that I slept that long.

WATER CONSUMED (Goal is 100 oz):
Drank 22 oz by 9:30 am
Drank 22 oz by 11:00 pm (44 oz total))
Drank 10 oz by 4:15 pm (54 oz total)
Drank 22 oz by 5:15 pm (76 oz total)
Drank 10 oz by 6:45 pm (86 oz total)
22 oz by 9:00 pm ( oz total)


Meal 1 (9:15 pm):    3 organic scrambled eggs with 1 small zucchini (4 g sugar), cilantro, onions and 4 tblspns medium homemade salsa (no oil used for pan)  [4 g sugar] 

----> I was still hungry after eating this.  I had forgotten cooked zucchini has sugar, but raw zucchini does not.  Cooked onions do not have sugar, but it does when it's raw.

 Meal 2 (4:30 pm):  Chopped Salad with Pulled Pork from Joe's BBQ.  This came with something that sort of tasted like and looked like thousand island salad dressing & a slice of garlic bread.  It was not my intent to eat these, however, I was so really hungry and I ended up eating these things.   

----->  Anyway, today is a P day for me and eating the slice of garlic bread is a no no even on a P+C day.  Guess I could've had it on my Reward Day, but since there was so much time between when I last ate, my resistance powers were down.  Yes, I ate the garlic bread AND had the dressing.  I'm pretty sure having the dressing blew my 15 g for the day.

----->  Even after eating this for about 30 min., which is a salad larger than I would normally eat at home, I was still hungry.  Also, while I was sleeping, I obvriously didn't eat or drink anything.  Anyway, not eating for 7.5 hrs when I would normally have eaten twice, this causes me to really want to eat - binge.  Argh

Meal 3 (7:10 pm):  Greens Smoothie - 2 cups kale (56 calories, 4 g protein, 0 g sugar, 2 g fiber), 1/2 cup blueberries (35 calories, 0.5 g protein, 6 g sugar, 2 g fiber), 1 serving frozen mango (90 calories, 1 g protein, 13g sugar, 2g fiber), 2/3 cup strawberries (50 calories, 1 g protein, 9 g sugar, 2g fiber)1 tspn cinnamon, 1 cup fat free Greek yogurt (120 calories, 20 g protein, 9g sugar), 1 medium banana (105 calories, 1.2 g protein, 14.4g sugar,  3g fiber), 1/2 cup cilantro, psyllium husk (6 g fiber), 1 scoop Mila (70 caloires, 3 g protein, 0g sugar, 5g fiber), water [526 calories, 30.7 g protein, 51.4 g sugar, 22 g fiber]

----> This is my greens smoothie that was supposed to be drank this morning, but I like to combine this with my post workout drink.   I was so out of it this morning, that I was not able to do my workout then, rather this evening instead. 

---->  I added more water today and it's a better consistency and tastes much better.  I also prefer not to drink 2 smoothies in a day and though it's not ideal to drink this in the evening, I did do it after a high intensity workout.  This smoothie seems to be making my headache go away.

----> 1 pitcher makes about 42 oz, depending upon how much water you add.  This was very filling.

Meal 4 (10:30 pm):  some sour cream & onion chips (unhealthy kind), popcorn with light butter (couldn't taste the butter), and a large blueberry muffin

---->  This was not on my eating plan and once I had a few potato chips, I actually got hungrier.  My kids were home and I was so excited and we we watching movies and eating this.  Another no-no.  I'm disappointed that I messed this day up by ending like this.  Didn't think to take a picture as this was mindless eating.


EXERCISE (shoes on):  6:23 pm - 6:50 pm

Warmup (2 rounds):  4:07
- Pushups x 8
- Squats x 12
- Spiderman Climbs x 10 total
- Jumping Jacks x 20

HIIT Cardio Time:  16 min. of Jump Rope Intervals 30:10

Equipment Used:  Jump rope, GymBoss Interval Timer

Jump Rope Interval Circuit (6 Rounds)
- Feet Together Jump for 30 sec x 10 sec rest  ---> Reps:  28, 22, 21, 24, 21, 21
- Low Jump Rope Jack for 30 sec x 10 sec rest ---> Reps:  28, 17, 17, 17, 22, 25
Alternating High Knee for 30 sec x 10 sec rest ---> Reps:  15, 19, 23, 24, 23, 19
- Alternating Step Skip for 30 sec x 10 sec rest  ---> Reps:  21, 21, 22, 16, 21, 22

Heartrates Per Round:
Round 1:  Max Heartrate = 145 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 131 bpm
Round 2:  Max Heartrate = 150 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 147 bpm
Round 3:  Max Heartrate = 156 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 149 bpm
Round 4:  Max Heartrate = 160 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 155 bpm
Round 5:  Max Heartrate = 159 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 155 bpm
Round 6:  Max Heartrate = 163 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 160 bpm (my shoelaces became untied)

Total Time:  20:20 (includes warmup, but not cooldown)
Calories Burned:  310
Max Heartrate: 163 bpm
Avg Heartrate:  144 bpm (includes warmup)

Zone 1 = 2:24, Zone 2 = 0:14, Zone 3 = 3:21, Zone 4 = 7:34, Zone 5 = 4:10 

Notes:  I did the jumping roping outside of my house in the driveway with a 3/4" thick rubber mat I purchased on Craig's List for $20.  It's a nice sized rubber mat of 6' x 4' or something like that.  What a deal.  It's pretty heavy.  I have to slide it out from the garage into the driveway, which it probably weighs 40-60 lbs.  The garage door is too low for me to jump rope in the garage.

This was challenging and after the first round, I was wondering if I could make it through the rest of the 5 rounds.  I compared these result to those of January when I was doing jump roping more regularly.  It wasn't too bad for not having done this in about 1.5 months or so.  I'm still a very slow jump roper, but I made a more concentrated effort to keep my knees bent to help absorb the shock some.

I don't think I could've done another round, though, so these 6 rounds of the 30:10 intervals was good.

Cooldown:  5 min. walking around


I was sore from yesterday's workouts.  My entire abs, obliques, inner thighs (adductors), upper back, pecs (chest), triceps are sore.  It's not a bad sore and I'll probably be not sore in a couple days.  This might be the cause of my headache as I know I drank enough water yesterday and now have enough sleep.

Still need to stretch out my calves from the jump roping.


Gina said...

Hey Doris,
Great Job! I am so glad you got your workout in! I am not good a jumping rope, I am really rather bad at it, lol. I am hoping to practice more as the weather gets better. Your body probably needed the rest so it was good you caught up. I have been so tired lately! I don't get enough sleep. The WBIT #1 we did on MOnday was really tough. Even though I did a lot of rounds I hardly rested and doing those push ups with my feet on the bench really killed my abs. They are still hurting now and my stomach is swollen! But I loved it. I am having a harder time figuring out what to do this time as I want to be sure to get in a good workout, but I am hopeful it will all come together. I am so proud of you. YOu mentioned you tend to burn out and so do I, so I amhoping we will keep each other motivated! Big Hugs,

Doris said...

Hi Gina,

I'm not good at jump roping either, but I have gotten better than when Scott had us doing it last Fall. I still seem like a bull jump roping and it's still not pretty, but I have the hope that one day I will look better.

Having my feet on my bigger Swiss Ball made the pushups way harder, so I'm also glad you're feeling it in your abs as I am. But, like you, it feels good.

I'm hoping I can get a weighted vest tomorrow, if I can get it inexpensive enough. Right now, a Bosu is too expensive for me to buy, but I may have found another alternative that is less expensive that I can get from Amazon. It's called a Gaia Balance thing. It's 4 miniature looking things like super little Bosu's.

To do it this time around, maybe doing some of the sprinting stuff. Were you able to listen to Scott do the interview with John Roman? I think there are some good suggestions there to maybe do on the cardio days. As for the weight based days, maybe adding a weighted vest and/or creating imbalance to the exercises?

Just seeing your workouts, it makes me want to push myself or at least do my workout. I'm not as motivated as you.

Hugs Back,

Irenee said...

Hi Gina,
What are low jump rope jack? And your green smoothie looks just like mine... muddy brown! I will just pretend it is chocolate.
Very impressed with all your hard work and writing it down!
Irene McCaffrey

Doris said...

Hi Irene,

This is Doris. Gina has a different blog and I'm the one that does jump roping & posts pics of my food. The smoothie is actually more purplish due to the blueberries when I don't add a chocolate protein powder, which I didn't in this one. The lighting is poor and my cell camera only has no flash or super duper flash (it makes everything almost look white due to over exposure), so I rarely use flash.

Low Jack Intervals are like doing Squat Jacks but with a jump. Basically imagine doing a jump jack but you squat each time. So, with each jump, you jump with the jump rope.

Gina's workouts are actually harder than mine, as I'm coming back from injuries and want to take it gradually so as to not get reinjured again.




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