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One of the biggest challenges I face right now is getting back into a hardcore, short, intense workout due to the injuries I've faced in the past 12 months.  Last Spring when I started back into walking where I got up to walking 7+ miles in one session, I ended up spraining my ankle.  Then, I went through physical therapy for 3 months. 

After that, while finishing up with physical therapy for my ankle, I started the Ageless Abs program with still a little ankle pain.  After about 2 months or less on the AA program, I injured my knees.  Went through a period of healing and lessening my workouts.  Got back into things and finished out the year strong.

Took a few days off and began a new workout regiment in January and after only a few weeks, before January was over, I hurt my knees even worse and since then, I did either nothing or just intermittent walking.  It's so challenging to face injuries as they derail my workouts and eventually my eating.

Anyway, I realize with each of these injuries, it was going at things too hard and not listening to my body.  In the next few days, I'm spending more time in prayer to get my heart right with God about being excessive with my exercise and not listening to my body.

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