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Mindset: Goals for Ageless Abs 2

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Since I successfully completed the Ageless Abs program last fall, my goals are somewhat different.  Though I still have the outstanding goal of getting down to 15% bodyfat, this time around my goals are deeper and more spiritual.

I believe that no matter what the program is and how great the information, unless we can completely incorporate and sustain them into our lives, ultimately we won't be successful.  It has to be sustainable for life and almost be effortlessly.  By effortlessly, I mean it has to require no willpower or self-control.

I don't have to have willpower to drink water, or brush my teeth or pray.  They just come naturally because to my very core, I believe these are things I need for my life.  It is like breathing.  Right now, my core beliefs are being challenged.  I'm at the precipice of where I've been able to drop my bodyfat down to at least 2-3x before the AA program.  Each of those times I've gotten here, eventually I would do things to sabotage myself and then my bodyfat would creep back up to the 30s.  Granted, this wasn't usually a quick process, but over the course of sometimes 2 years.

My actual goal for the AA2 program would be to figure out and eliminate the heart issues (the spiritual heart) that has kept me overly fat my whole life, as well as caused me to be injury prone for nearly 2 decades. 

I believe once my heart issues are resolved with regards to these 2 things that releasing the bodyfat and keeping off will not be an issue, and other things in my life will go much, much better, too, like my finances, relationships with men and other people.

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