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Baby Shower & Wedding Tomorrow

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Right now I'm trying on dresses in my closet.  I have a range of sizes from 10-16, but most of them are in 12-14.  The cute ones are in sizes 10-12.  Anyway, right now I'm a very tight 12.  DRAT!!!  If I had been more disciplined with my eating and getting a bit more walking in the past month, the size 12s would be good to go.

I look so cute and pretty in the 12s, but they are so tight I can hardly breathe.  Fat chance of me being able to drink an 8 oz glass of water or sit down, so I have to nix all those dresses at least for now.  In a month, I hope I'll be able to comfortable fit into those cute dresses, breathe and eat.  These are summery type dresses and it's warming up here in Arizona.  We were in the mid-80s yesterday.

Though I've released over 7" in my tummy pouch area, there is still more to go, at least another 7" more for a flat tummy.

So, it's either the blue, red or brown dress for me.  Will ask my 10-yr old daughter what she thinks of each dress.  I doubt my 7-yr old son will care.  He says I always look pretty.  :-)  My kids are awesome!  Praise God!

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