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Mindset: My Successes

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Scott says that we should write down at least 5-6 successes in our lives to help our mindsets when we are feeling down:
  • Submitting and surrendering to God everything
  • Raising 2 amazing kids with God.  They're really the most incredible children I know - caring, forgiving, kind, loving, smart, active, wise, joyful.
  • Loving being single and not needing a man.
  • Graduated & got my degree in engineering.
  • Worked as an engineer for some really great Fortune 100 companies for more than a decade.
  • Represented my university in intercollegiate racquetball competitions, and even did reasonably well against other universities.
  • Read through the Bible several times in my life.
  • Completed the Ageless Abs program with releasing bodyfat every one of the 12-weeks of the program, and lost a bunch of inches, reducing a dress size, and learned a bunch of life changing things that I'm able to incoprorate into my life.
  • Completed a triathlon without injury.
  • Reversed the Left Ventricular Hypertrophy my heart was experiencing to get my heart back to normal by listening and changing the way I exercise and sticking through the program Josh/Tyna had me go through multiple times.
  • Had both my kids naturally without any pain meds or meds.  It was a fantastic experience.

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