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Possible Additional Tabata Exercises

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This was a list I compiled for the Ageless Abs 1 group.  I didn't do all these, but there were a number of them I did do.  Some are fun.  Others are incredibly hard.  Some I absolutely hate.

Note - the subsequent videos the exercise woman's (Zuzana) clothes are revealing, but she's very fit & lean and many of these exercises are more advanced -- I could barely do some of them.  Gina, Bonnie, Howard may enjoy these.  I did some of them, but could only dream of doing the others.  On her website she has like a zillion different videos and you can really see her muscles engaging in these exercises.  Zuzana is really intense and has the body to show for it, which it appears she's earned every lit bit of it.

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kimaya said...

Thanks for sharing the possibility regarding the tabata exercises .



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