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I am so excited about my Bosu Ball that I got for $40 off Craig's List (Thanks Dan!).  He gave me a better pump (I don't really need this because I have an electric pump), and resistance bands where the length can be adjustable (at the handle) to give me more or less resistance.

Last fall I began praying for a Bosu Ball (the original) intermittently.  I'd been using the Bosu Ball at the gym for years and loved it, but the price was steep at $100 for the home version, which I think is a little smaller than the pro version.  Maybe they are the same, I don't know.  Periodically I would go on Craig's List to look, but they didn't come up or were way too much, which is about the same price as buying new online.

Gina had mentioned to look on Craig's List and after reading her email, I went to look again on Friday and voila, a personal training studio was closing and getting rid of its equipment and selling their Bosu for $40.  I was wanting to pay between $30-50 and was so happy to see this.  Since the ad had been up for quite a few hours, I was afraid it would be gone by the time I emailed the guy.  Sure enough, someone had already contacted the guy, but the thing was, he never called the guy back, so the Bosu became available to me, which I took up.

The Bosu was 33-34 miles from where I live one way.  Thought it was more.  I have an old SUV, so good fuel economy isn't a thing I have with it.  But, it's reliable and all paid for.  Praise God!  Anyway, I expressed to the guy that I could pick up the Bosu, but it would have to be on Sunday after church since I live in the East Valley.  He said he was going to be in the East Valley, just a few miles from where I live and in the same city.  It's on my way home from church.  So very cool.

God is so good in providing for the kids & I, at great prices, giving us favor in so many things.  Even when we don't get favor, to still praise Him and how he works.  Like when I bought my multi-purpose pullup bar for $10 new, the person asked where I lived and I told her.  She said she was going to be in a certain area on a certain day, and that happened to be the next street over from where I went to Life Group (small group at my church) on that day.  I couldn't be more thrilled.  I did not have to drive all the way to Glendale (that's about 50 miles from my home) and it was so close.

Another time, my daughter needed extra clothes because she kept growing taller and bigger.  A woman just 2-3 miles from me was selling 80+ clothing items for $40.  That turned out less than $0.50 per piece and she had good stuff that was so cute.  Even some of the stuff fit me as I get smaller.  I priced out what she sold us and it was more than $1000 worth of stuff for practically nothing.

God's provision for the kids and I has been incredible and I'm so grateful.  God totally rocks whether He says "Yes", "No" or "Wait".  I get to see God at work and be so surprised & delighted each time.

Last week I was able to get a new 40 lb weighted vest for $20.  What a deal.  I looked online and on Craig's List and this is a really super dal.  I'm so happy.  Each of those red bags is 2 lbs (there are 20 of them).  The vest is a bit big, but that's okay.  There are advantages to using this (I'm guessing) as I can pack on extra weight when doing lunges, squats, pushups.  It gives me the advantage of equally distributing the weight on my torso, rather than holding free weights.

Hopefully I can find some inexpensive kettlebells and medicine balls.  I still need a pair of 20 lb DBs.  I currently have 3, 5, 10, 12, 15, 25 DBs.  I have a few resistance bands, but I'm not sure what their weightedness is.

These are my jump ropes.  I got the black one (it was on sale for $6 about 50% off at the same place I got the vest).  I'm looking forward to jump roping with the new black jump rope and see how that goes.  The red/white/blue is so patriotic, but it's loud hitting the ground and bulky.  It was inexpensive at $3 at Play It Again Sports.

I'm really ecstatic about getting the great deals on my exercise equipment at a fraction of their original costs.  In the past (prior to 4 yrs ago), I always got everything new and paid full price.  I didn't know about Craig's List, and rarely bought off eBay.  I'm learning to be a better manager of the money God has entrusted to me, as well as learning to rely on God, being patient and content where I am with what I have until I'm able to get what I would like or need.

I'm very thankful to God for providing all these items in His perfect timing.

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