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Summer12 Wk 2, Day 3 - Wed, 13-Jun-2012

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  • BP:  120/77, 63 bpm - Not really all that great, but since my eating has been erratic, what do I expect.  Plus, I didn't get enough sleep last night.
  • I really have a lot of stuff that I really, really need to organize, get rid of and file.  One of my goals before next Monday is to get the area around my desk attended to.  This kind of administrative stuff I can't stand, but it's gotta be done.  Used to be, before kids, so much better at this.
  • Today after swim we have errands - grocery stores (3), post office, library.  Hope we get that all done today.  Tomorrow is Water & Ice, Goodwill, a friend's after swim but before karate.
  • Saw a great workout by someone I follow, so I thought I would give it a try instead of my normal stuff, if I do it today.
  • Okay, we only went to 1 grocery store and the library.  That and the heat wiped me out.  Decided I didn't need to go to the other 2 grocery stores.  
  • Bought some interesting veggies - one is chayote, which I've never used before, but will be using.
  • I haven't felt like really cooking much the past few days.  It's so hot.  However, I did bake a strawberry banana coffee cake - low sugar, no refined sugar, no grains, no starches.  It's baking in the oven right now.

    SMARTER GOAL:  Get my workout done! ----> Failed.  The heat is wiping me out.

    SLEEP:  11:45 pm - 6:15 am (6.5 hrs) - It's a pain sometimes to be a morning person.  So, the real solution to this problem is to go to bed earlier if my body won't allow me to sleep in, right?  Seems logical enough.

    9:15 am - Heart Meds
    10:30 pm - Heart Meds

    EATING:  Paleo Since 26-Jan-2012
    Meal 1 @ 9:00 am:  2.5 scrambled eggs w/shredded cheddar cheese, sea salt & ground pepper  ----> ate this after bike riding with the kids

    Meal 2 @ 1:00 pm:  1/2 bag of nacho cheese tortilla chips & 1/2 container of sour cream, a greens protein smoothie (kale, strawberries, banana, ice, whey protein, psyllium husk, unsweetened coconut milk, cinnamon)

    Meal @ 5:45 pm: 1 serving strawberry banana cream cheese coffee cake

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