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Agave Nectar NOT Healthy

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I think awhile back through Mark's Daily Apple blog I had read that agave nectar was unhealthy.  That was the basic jist of the article.  It also talked about how high processed and how NOT natural this product was and it was very deceptive.

Somehow this evening I came across an article in Weston A Price site that talks about WHY Agave Nectar is not healthy in excruciating detail.  Here is the article.  I think if you're using agave nectar and think this is healthy, think again and do read the article.  It's very eye-opening.

I had stopped using agave nectar more than a year ago, maybe more.  Not sure why, but I just didn't feel like using it anymore.  Maybe it was nearly 2 yrs ago, which is well before I read Sisson's blog about this.  Now I know why.

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