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I'm blessed that most of my life, I've not really had issues with my skin.  As a kid and even as a young adult, I rarely ever had acne.  Many of my friends faced this issue, but it wasn't something I had to deal with much.  I don't really recall if my siblings had issues with this or not.

Recently, however, I did have one pimple and that was maybe 1.5 weeks ago.  My body really LOVES the no grain, no starch, low sugar diet.  My energy levels are high and it does not dip at all during the day if my sugar intake remains low throughout the whole day.  My sugar levels are also impacted by fruit, so if I have fruit in my diet and too much, I will experience the high and low sugar swings, however, less drastic if I pair the fruit off with protein.

It felt awful to have that pimple and I felt like it stood out like Mt Everest!  For a 2-week period, I intermittently went off the no grain, no starch, low sugar way of eating I had been doing the 16 weeks prior to that.  My body said NOOOOOOOO and rebelled by placing a pimple right on the corner of my mouth just to remind me that what I eat DOES impact my body.  Mind you, I probably haven't had a pimple in nearly a decade and I probably haven't had more than a dozen pimples in my whole life (that I can recall).

It is the grains and starches for me that causes the cravings, causing me to want more and more of these evil foods.  Ugggh.

I think one of the reasons why I have pretty good skin is water has been what I've mostly drank the past 1.5 decades, don't smoke, drink or do drugs and though before this year I've always consumed grains & starches, more than a decade ago, I began reducing and eliminating white flour products, refined sugars and gradually my diet has been replacing more processed things with less processed.

About a decade ago, I began replacing my skin care products with healthier products from Tropical Traditions and Burt's Bee (mainly Tropical Traditions).  My skincare regiment is really easy . . . I use Baby Silk by Tropical Traditions as my all time moisturizer.  One 4 oz container takes me 6-9 months to use and my kids periodically use it.  If you buy on Monday's, often Tropical Traditions will have free shipping, but you will have to watch for that.  If you're a first time Tropical Traditions buyer, please buy through my link, as that will entitle me to gift certificates from Tropical Traditions.  I greatly appreciate it.

The Baby Silk by Tropical Traditions is amazing.  My skin is silky smooth and has been for years and I think it's in part to using this product.  I never wear a foundation.  Is my skin perfect?  No, my face has always had freckles and I choose to expose these and be proud that I have freckles.  Yes, I can buy a foundation to cover all the freckles, but why?  Love to let my face just breathe.  Give it a try.

Many of today's facial moisturizers from any name brand companies like Lancome, Prescriptives, and much higher end costs multiple times more than the $13-18 you can purchase this moisturizer for that are filled with lots of chemicals that the companies won't divulge to you what they are.  Baby Silk by Tropical Traditions has no soy, no chemicals or words that I cannot pronounce.  There are 12 ingredients where 5 of them are essential oils.  There are no alcohols, no artificial fragrances, no petroleum.  Most of the products from the expensive cosmetic companies have those things, which I think over time, really damage your skin and make you unhealthier.

I rarely wear makeup and when I do, I always make sure to take it off before going to bed.  I use Arbonne's eye makeup remover.  I had been using a green mask of Burt's Bee, but I found it expensive, so I periodically make my own home mask.  And, periodically, I will use exfoliators from Tropical Traditions, but they are best on things like rougher, tougher parts of your skin like your hands, feet, elbows as opposed to your face or chest.

Many of the things, when I do use them, are from one's own kitchen, like various fruits (avocado, strawberries, papaya, mango, banana), yogurt, honey, brown sugar, granulated sugar, sea salt, baking soda, eggs, dried oats are just some of the things that I use as masks or scrubs.  I will be sharing some of these recipes in the near future.

However, I believe that healthy skin really comes from lifestyle like the foods you eat, getting enough rest, what you drink, exercise, and what you expose your skin to.

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