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Wed, 6-Jun-2012

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Today was a day spent with my mom & her husband, and some of my kids' dad's side of the family.  It was interesting and I'm glad I allowed it, as I really think my kids needed it.  They have 4 cousins on his side of the family and 5 cousins on my side of the family.  They still have yet to meet 2 of their cousins on their dad's side.

Anyway, that meeting caused me great anxiety, mostly because my family made a way bigger deal out of it than really need be.  Everything turned out fine, and they all turned out to be really nice people.

Ran errands.  It wasn't as hot outside and much nicer than being above 110° F.

We got a lot of walking & standing done today, but that's the extent of my exercise today.

Eating would've been fine had I brought something to eat, but being gone for 6.5 hrs, not eating and hardly drinking any water, I felt dehydrated and super hungry.  That led to me eating nacho chips and more Frosted Flakes.

Too tired to make dinner.  Kids had to fend for themselves as I was mentally & emotionally drained.

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