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Mon, 4-Jun-2012

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Oh the excruciating pain!  I had every good intention to exercise today, to get my workout in.  In fact, I had the perfect torture Finisher for my workout which is a Funk Robert's finisher - 3:1 ladder of 3 pushups to 1 tuck jump.  Do this by 3s until you get to 30 pushups & 10 tuck jumps and then come back down the ladder.  That's just the last 5 min of the workout.

I was going to do a Funk Robert's bodyweight workout before that.

BUT, a BIG BUT . . . my kids and I were at Costco late this morning getting some things like nuts, bacon (they didn't have the no nitrite kind but Sprouts was too expensive and I didn't want to go to 2 stores), baking soda (for laundry), laundry detergent (hope I'm not allergic to this . . . Trader Joe's was too far), blueberries (my kids better not eat the whole bag in one week), white distilled vinegar (you can use this for so many different things from cooking to laundry to cleaning floors, to cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the kitchen stuff, as a wash for your fruits & veggies), and eggs.

Anyway, as we were leaving, my 8-yr old son thinks it's a fun idea to hurl the giant shopping cart down the parking lot aisle.  Mind you, how does the basket stop was not a concern for my 8-yr old BOY!  I didn't know he did this as I was busy unlocking the back of my car to put the groceries in.  I step away from the car and the basket slams into my left arm and I scream out in pain.

Needless to say, all eyes direct toward me with anyone nearby.  My arm is now swollen and I've been icing down, taking Alleve.  I have sharp pains going up and down my arm periodically, tingling fingers.  I will not be doing any pushups or putting any weight on my left arm.  I think I will just do some leg workout at home, but I need to think of what.

My eating . . . to help numb the pain, I did a travesty of eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes.  That stuff is sheer evil.  The sugar got my mind off of the pain some.

I am dressed to workout completely, so no use wasting this outfit.

I've been looking up Colombian and Peruvian recipes.  I'm in the mood for those foods, or Ethiopian or Indian food.  Also, an apple fritter sounds good, so I may experiment with making apple fritters, the paleo way.  I found some good apple fritter recipes that I am planning on converting to paleo.  We'll see how that goes as the thought of deep frying something doesn't really appeal to me.  I'm sure baking them is not the same thing.

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