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Summer12 Wk 1, Day 4 - Thurs, 7-Jun-2012

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  • Need to get back into taking my BPs.
  • Glad I got a workout done today without excuses.  It feels better now.  Hopefully my eating will get back on track.  I find when I workout, my eating is a bit better, as is my sleep hygiene.
  • Spent some of my afternoon with one of my single mom girlfriends by the pool with my kids.
  • Google has disabled my AdSense account.  I have no idea why.  They say illegal clicks.  I'm pretty sure it isn't from me because I never see any ads in my blog by Google.  My blogs make so little in AdSense (less than $20 total for 2 yrs), that I have no idea why they are picking on me.  People from all over the world have viewed my blogs.
  • My kids will be doing a lot of swimming in terms of lessons this summer.
  • Am switching my kids Karate classes to a later time as the class they are in has all beginners and they are not beginners.
  • My eating in the afternoon wasn't as good as there was too much time between meals.
    SMARTER GOAL:  Get my workout done.  ----->  Success!

    SLEEP:  11:30 pm - 8:45 am (9.25 hrs) - I woke up a few times and was awake for probably 30-45 min. total of those times.  Didn't count that as I wasn't totally awake.

    10:30 am - Heart Meds (still haven't gotten back to my supplements)
    10:00 pm - Heart Meds, 1 Mg capsule

    EATING:  Paleo Since 26-Jan-2012
    Meal 1 @ 10:15 am:  2 scrambled eggs w/sea salt & ground pepper

    Post Workout Shake @ 1:30 pm:  1 cup fresh unsweetened almond milk, psyllium husk, 2 scoops whey protein, lots of cinnamon, 1 scoop Greens First, 1 cup of ice, banana, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, water

    Meal 3 @ 5:10 pm:  a chicken sandwich

    Meal 4 @ 7:15 pm:  lots of salad (no dressing) w/crumbed blue cheese - lots of stuff in the salad but nothing starchy or grainy, 2 small blueberry muffins, a strawberry muffin, shrimp bisque, some pasta (equivalent to a 1/2 cup total)


    Equipment Used:  Yoga matPolar Heartrate Monitor RS200SD, softball sized massage ball

    Warmup (2 rounds):  3:08
    • Pushups x 8 
    • Squats x 12
    • Spiderman Climbs x 10 total
    • Jumping Jacks x 20

    ZWOW #1

    I only did 3 rounds of this and had to substitute the Pistol Squats for Reverse Lunges as I can't even do the easiest version of this in good form.  She has 2 videos for this workout, but I did not workout along with her and went as my own speed.

    3 Rounds of this Routine
    1.  Diver Bombers x 10 reps
    2.  Burpees x 5 reps
    3.  Squats to Side Leg Lifts x 20 reps/leg
    4.  Burpees x 5 reps
    5.  Side Plank Raise x 10 reps/side
    6.  Burpees x 5 reps
    7.  Reverse Lunge x 10 reps/side
    8.  Burpees x 5 reps

    Cooldown:  10:08 ---> I mainly worked on trigger points in the quads for my knees and psoas, and did a little lower back and arms stretching.

    Warmup:  Time = 3:08, Max HR = 138 bpm, Avg HR = 107 bpm
    Round 1:  Time = 7:02, Max HR = 129 bpm, Avg HR = 120 bpm
    Round 2:  Time = 7:25, Max HR = 138 bpm, Avg HR = 132 bpm
    Round 3:  Time = 7:18, Max HR = 145 bpm, Avg HR = 138 bpm
    Cooldown:  Time = 10:08, Max HR = 141 bpm, Avg HR = 117 bpm

    Total Time:  35:03
    Calories Burned:  417  
    Max HR:  145 bpm
    Avg HR:  125 bpm

    Zone 1 = 9:43, Zone 2 = 8:14, Zone 3 = 4:28

    Notes:  It's been 3 weeks since I worked out and my eating has intermittently been off as my sleeping, so I could really feel it in my body.  Was challenged through this whole workout.  If I had been eating totally clean and had good sleep hygiene, even without working out, I probably could've gotten through all 5 rounds, but 3 rounds was enough.

    Anyway, I'm glad I got this workout done and will be doing some of Zuzka's workouts, as well as Funk's and Scott Colby's workouts through the course of this summer.

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