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Sat, 2-Jun-2012

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I'd really hate to admit this, but this is how really burned out I feel.  I haven't left the house in 3 days, haven't gotten out of these clothes (a t-shirt and shorts) in 3 days, except to take my progress pics & do my weekly video this morning) and haven't even showered either.  I know, VERY BAD!

Right now, I should be at a baby shower, but had to back out of it because I can't handle all these socials.  Totally love all the people that are having babies right now and don't know how they are doing all this, but it's not within my bandwidth.

It's really hot outside and I just don't feel like going anywhere.  Need to do some grocery shopping, as well as get gas and go to the library, but that's not happening today.  Even asking my kiddos, they feel HOT and they don't want to go anywhere.

I've spent a lot of time watching videos, listening to audios, reading on trading psychology.  I have the technicals  of trading down pat, but that isn't my issue.  I see there are correlations to trading and weight/bodyfat loss.  Being spread too thin is a not a good thing, neither are our emotions.  You've just got to do what you need to do and stop rationalizing.

Yes, I will put down that bag of salt & vinegar chips.  No rationalizing that.  Just kidding on the chips.  I don't have any, but you get the point.  There are no bad foods at home to eat, and since I'm too lazy to go anywhere to buy bad foods, it's just healthy foods it is.

Oh, I do need to go to Costco to get raw nuts.  They are less expensive there than any other place I've found.  Looking forward to making almond butter again, trying my hand at making almond milk for the first time, also.  But, since I'm so overwhelmed, I just don't want to face the Costco parking lot, the crowd on this incredibly hot day in my probably pretty gross jammies.

Thankfully, I've been a hermit all around.  Tomorrow I must shower and dress for church, though, I'm pretty sure they will still accept me smelly or not.  LOL.

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