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Summer12 Wk 2, Day 2 - Tues, 12-Jun-2012

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  • Started out the day feeling pretty good, but I notice what I had for lunch, it really caused me to feel tired and lethargic.  
  • It was nice to really get exercise in with my kids as we did this together.
  • Spent time this morning getting 3 of the bikes in enough working order for us to get a long bike ride in, but I really need to get the bike for me in good working order so each of the kids can ride their own bikes.  I need new tires and to get things working.  Hopefully I can do this sometime.
  • Wanted to make a strawberry cream cheese coffee cake for my Single Moms tonight, but my nap turned out to be a lot longer than I planned and then it was too late.
  • Went to Safeway twice, as they had strawberries for 88 cents/lb.  I think I bought 14 lbs of strawberries today - a bunch for freezing for smoothies for the summer, and my plans are to make a couple desserts to share with others.
  • There are no cravings for unhealthy things unless I choose to eat things with grains, starches, and refined sugar - then, I get all those bad food cravings and feel icky.  It ticks me off that I've done this more than I thought I would.  It really comes down to being planned and diligent enough.
  • No real cramping today.  Praise God!
  • Caught up some with an old friend last night whom I thought disappeared from my life.  It was interesting.
  • Really love my Single Moms group, hearing other people's experiences and stories.
  • Grace . . . grace for others . . . grace for me . . . grace.
    SMARTER GOAL:  Get my workout done! ---->  Sorta failed, due to heat exhaustion and poor food choices.  I did get exercise in of nearly 2 hrs today, but my plans were to actually get a HIIT workout done.

    SLEEP:  12:45 pm - 6:00 am (5.25 hrs) - Want to sleep in, but couldn't.  Promised my kids we would go bike riding early in the morning.

    Nap:  2:45 pm - 5:15 pm (2.5 hrs) - I felt so sleepy and lethargic while eating the Chicken Cesar from Paradise Cafe, and the walking in the heat for awhile did NOT help.  I felt totally wiped out when I came home.

    9:15 am - Heart Meds
    10:30 pm - Heart Meds

    EATING:  Paleo Since 26-Jan-2012
    Meal 1 @ 9:00 am:  2.5 scrambled eggs w/shredded cheddar cheese, sea salt & ground pepper  ----> ate this after bike riding with the kids

    Meal 2 @ 1:00 pm:  Southwestern Chicken Cesar Salad from Paradise Cafe (large) - I should've told them to hold the tortilla chips, as I'm pretty sure this made me feel not good.  My body doesn't really like corn and though it tasted really good, I could feel my energy levels going downhill as I ate this ----> did a bunch of walking in awful walking flip flops in the hot blazing sun for maybe 1/2 hr.

    Meal @ 5:45 pm:   4 eggs (sorta scrambled) w/shredded cheddar cheese, sat salt, ground pepper ----> wanted protein, but I really wanted to eat real meat, but too lazy to cook this

    Dessert @ 6:30 pm:  homemade ice cream - half & half, ice, frozen strawberries, whey protein powder, cinnamon, banana ----> didn't make a lot, about 1/2 of what I normally make

    Snack @ 9:15 pm:  1 rice krispy ----> at the end of Single Mom's

    Meal 4 @ 9:45 pm:  a bowl of Frosted Flakes w/unsweetened fresh almond milk ----> eating the rice krispy caused me to crave this.



    Biking w/the Kids:  The kids and I spent about 1-1.5 hrs biking intermittently earlier this morning.  It was starting to get warm.  I spent about 45 min. before we went biking around the neighborhoods near where we lived fixing the tires and pumping them up, oiling up the chains & getting the bikes ready for riding.

    There was time there was a gentle breeze.

    Walking w/the Kids at San Tan Mall:  Wasn't expecting to walk so much, and most of it was out in the full sun with these flimsy flip flops I had.  Thankfully I could not feel the hot sidewalk through my thin flip flops.  Did this after I ate a lunch that would've been alright had I just held back the tortilla strips.

    This walking was done about 1:45 pm - 2:15 pm.  So, it really was not a great time of the day to walk in the full sun.

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