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If you see any AdSense ads on my site, please let me know.  I want to make sure none exist in any of my blogs.

Google has chosen to select me also to disable my AdSense account due to illegal click activity.  They said they deem my content & activity poses a threat to its advertisers.  Hmmmm . . . I'm really not sure what that means and not really sure what illegal click activity means either as I just have continued to post has I have posted to my blogs for YEARS.

They did not seem to have an issue with this when I signed up 2 yrs ago and my account was approved.  Granted, my blogs in their cumulative have not generated hardly any money - in fact, I couldn't even afford to take my children out to fast food like Rubio's for lunch with the revenue generate through AdSense.  However, with all my blogs, they have received over 40,000 clicks over the past few years in their totality.

Traffic to this blog is not unusual and there are people from all over the world that come to this blog.  I'm really not sure what illegal clicking means.  I have opened up this blog for the whole world to click on if they have the URL or find it in some search thing because of my tags.

AdSense says once they disable your account for illegal click activity, you will NEVER be allowed to open another account or get that account reactivated.  I wish they would've sent a very specific email or communications detailing exactly what I did to violate their rules, but rather, they just sent a generic form letter. And, the only way you can really get an answer, from my understanding is post to their HELP forum.

I think that's where the problem began.  I was asking a question in their HELP forum, gave my emails and then I found my account was disabled.  It's just unreal.  I'm charged guilty but they don't have to provide actual evidence, rather just because they feel like it.

Well, I find that practice deceptive, so I hope that whomever has clicked on AdSense ads, that they don't actually buy from those advertisers.  And, this isn't just an issue that I have, but I felt sick reading about all the other people having same or similar issues to me.

So, if I'm going to make money off the internet, it will be through affiliates, trading, or anything but Google.

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