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Fast Track & Spartacus: Wk 5, Day 5 - Fri, 2-Mar-2012

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  • BP = 122/79, 57 bpm - About the same as yesterday, maybe slightly better.
  • Finished most of a bag of cough drops yesterday.  Cough not as bad when I have a cough drop in my mouth.
  • Found out I don't need a new serpentine belt, but I do need a new tensioner.  Also need to replace my transmission fluid.  Hope to get those replaced next week.  Found a new guy to work on my car that won't rip me off.  It happens to be one of my daughter's long-time classmate's fathers whom I'm known for now about 5-6 yrs.  I wished I knew he worked on Ford's 5-6 yrs ago as that would've saved me tons of money.
  • Weight is a couple pounds more today.  Back to where I was 2 days ago.
  • Awaiting Funk Robert's Spartacus Beta 2.0 emails to give us more details on starting the 8-Week Challenge.  Instead of 100 people, he's using 50 people instead.  That's a more intimate group.
  • Consuming lots of cough drops.  Cough, cough, cough.
  • Got practically free pizza & soda from Papa John's - promo code.  I didn't eat any.  My kids polished off a large pepperoni & sausage pizza and 1 liter of the Sierra Mist (111 g of sugar for 2 people . . . uggh).  Thankfully my kidsi don't eat pizza often because that is just way too much sugar & starch.  I ate a salad with rotisserie chicken instead & treated myself with dark chocolate & raw almonds.
  • So tired of this cough.  It's physically making me tired.

SMARTER GOAL:  Write, rest.  Drink plenty of water and hot tea.  Keep well-hydrated. ---> Got no paid writing done.  Drat.

SLEEP:  10:30 pm - 6:30 am (8 hrs) - Had all sorts of crazy dreams that I wasn't sure if I had woken up or still dreaming.  It feels good not to cough.  Slept with a humidifier in my room.  Hope that helped.

Nap:  1:30 pm - 2:30 pm --- Perfect.

9:45 am - 3 Probiotics, Heart Meds, 3 Multi-Vitamins, 3 EFAs
8:00 pm - 3 Multi-Vitamins, Heart Meds, 4 Ca/Mg/Z

EATINGJorge Cruise's Fast Track Menu (Day 33)

Meal 1 @ 8:50 am:   3 eggs scrambled w/Dill & Cucumber Greek Yogurt Dip & some Italian Pork Pesto (no zucchini noodles)

Drink:  1 hot cups of decaff green tea with lemon & 1 tbspn honey each time

Meal 2 @ 11:15 pm:  some Italian pork pesto with zucchini noodles with Dill & Cucumber Greek Yogurt Dip topping it.

Drink:  1 hot cups of decaff green tea with lemon & 1 tbspn honey

Meal 3 @ 6:30 pm:  a handful of mixed greens, 1/4 red pepper, 1/2 small avocado, a little crumbled gorgonzola, rotisserie chicken (leg, part of a thigh, part the breast)

Drink:  2 hot cups of decaff green tea with lemon (no lemon)

Treat @ 7:15 pm:  0.875 oz 85% dark chocolate and 1 oz raw almonds

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