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Fast Track & Spartacus 2.0 - Wk 3, Day 4 - Thurs, 22-Mar-2012

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  • Woke up with no headache, but still pretty sore.  Taking MSM to help.
  • Did I say I was sore.  I'm thinking with all the lunges today and squats, my legs are going to be sore some.  Mostly my upper body is sore.  Today we did more leg stuff, which I like.  They are stronger.
  • Ben measured my bodyfat with that stupid Omron bodyfat handheld thing.  It says my bodyfat is 38%.  That's crap.  It said his was 15% and I'm guessing he really is closer to 10%.  He said it was wrong.  I wanted Ben to feel my legs, butt, and arms and ask him if I was truly 38%, I'd really be bigger.   Those things take into account that if you're shorter and weight a lot, they assume you are immensely fat.  Basically that thing would've said when I was 15-16 lbs heavier that I would've been at close to 50% fat?  That's crap.  Why does the gym even have people using that?  They should use calipers!
  • Got to visit my sis, BIL & my little nephew!  They are doing well.  Made them dinner.
  • Though I've been sore and tired all day, I did not take a nap.  Woohoo!
  • My kids had a 1/2 day of school today.  When they napped, I resisted the urge to nap.
  • I got 3 springform pans from Bed, Bath & Beyond using a 20% off coupon.  Good deal.  I will be able to now make cheesecake.  Yum.
SMARTER GOAL:  Workout, write (paid), and make dinner for my sister & her husband.  They just had a baby last week.

SLEEP:  9:15 pm -  7:00 am (9.75 hrs) - My alarm went off at 6:30 am.  My kids got up before me as I lingered in bed and sorta fell back asleep.  Felt tired and sore, but I actually felt rested.  Praise God for a good night's sleep.


8:15 pm - 3 Probiotics, Heart Meds, 4 Priority One Women's Formula Multi-Vitamins, 2 EFAs, 2 MSM
7:30 pm - 4 Priority One Women's Formula Multi-Vitamins, Heart Meds, 3 Ca/Mg/Z, 2 MSM

EATINGJorge Cruise's Fast Track Menu (Day 52)

Meal 1 @ 8:15 pm:   3 eggs scrambled w/dill & cucumber yogurt dip

Post Workout Drink @ 11:30 am:  2 scoops of low sugar protein powder, 1 scoop greens powder, cinnamon, cold water

Meal 2 @ 2:00 pm:    mixed greens, 1/2 avocado, crumbled gorgonzola, 2 almond meal-paremesan-garlic powder chicken tenders (homemade), red pepper sliced, cucumber sliced and 1/2 banana (love my bananas more green, slightly unripe)

Meal 3 @ 6:30 pm:  crockpot chicken thighs & cauliflower (chicken thighs were browned in grapeseed oil with a coating of sea salt, garlic powder, and ground pepper.  Onions were sauteed to carmelize.  In a crockpot, I put onions down, then chicken thighs, then 2 cups of chicken broth, oregano, basil, & thyme and cooked for 2.5 hrs on high, then I added a head of cauliflower florets and cooked for another 30 min.  I took the oil that I browned the chicken in and scraped the bits, added almond meal and cooked for about 1/2 min.  I added about 1.25 cups of heavy cream and cooked until somewhat thickened.  I poured that over the chicken and cauliflower and cooked for another 30 min.  I added shredded cheese and a red pepper diced for another 15 min.).  over zucchini noodles ----> The chicken was so tender and good.  The zucchini noodles were not cooked and I ate 1 full zucchini.  This was so delicious and filling.  My kids ate this with pesto tortillini from Trader Joe's.  I did not eat any tortellini.


Equipment UsedYoga mat, Polar Heartrate Monitor RS200SD, GymBoss Timer, Swiss Ball, 1-15 lb KB

Warmup (3 rounds):  about 5 min.  
  • Jumping Jacks x 20 reps
  • Jump Squats x 15 reps
  • Pushups x 10 reps

Group Personal Training (GPT) w/Franco - This is one of 5 free sessions I have.

1.  Walking Lunges w/15# KB x 34 reps
2.  Run
3.  Jumping Jacks x 20 reps
4.  Walking Lunges w/15# KB x 34 reps
5.  Run
6.  Jump Squats x 20 reps
7.  Run 4x the distance of 5 or 2
8.  Toe Taps to Curbside x ??? reps (this was about 3 min. or so)
9.  Walking Lunges w/15# KB x 34 reps
10.  Squats with backs of heels on Curbside and legs hip width apart x ??? reps (this was about 3 min. or so)
Cooldown:  Walking for about 5 min.

Warmup:  Forgot to turn on my heartrate monitor.
Exercises 1-3:  Time = 5:49, Max HR = 150 bpm, Avg HR = 136 bpm
Exercises 4-7:  Time = 5:41, Max HR = 157 bpm, Avg HR = 152 bpm
Exercises 8-10:  Time = 9:38, Max HR = 162 bpm, Avg HR = 148 bpm
Cooldown:  Didn't know cooldown was walking back to the front of the building.  Turned off heartrate monitor.

Total Time:  30:00 (estimate)
Calories Burned:  445
Max HR:  162 bpm
Avg HR:  146 bpm

Zone 1 = 2:22, Zone 2 = 2:02, Zone 3 = 5:03, Zone 4 = 8:30, Zone 5 = 3:06

Notes:  This was a free group personal training class I took at the gym.  It was 30 min. long.  I am still pretty sore from Tuesday's workout and I think doing the Spartacus workout properly would've been harder, based upon my heartrate results.  There were only 3 people, including myself, in the class.  I came in last every time, but I focused on doing things with good form.

The instructor said that my form looked great, like someone who knew how to do the exercises.  We had lots of squats and lunges today, which I love in some sort of sick way.  Though, all those walking lunges were not all that fun.  I'm really wiped out.

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