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FTSW Week 5 - Body Stats - Sat, 3-Mar-12 (Spartacus 2.0 Beta Baseline - Wk 0)

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Date:  Sat, 3/3/12

Bodyfat mm = 14.5 mm (no change)
Bodyfat %: = 26.3% - from Tom Venuto's chart for Women Ages 41-45 (no change)
Scale Weight = Xsw lbs (-0.4 lbs)
LBM + Water = Xlbm lbs (-0.3 lbs) 
Bodyfat = Xbf lbs (-0.1 lbs)

Neck:  13.5" (-0.13")
- Left:  12.50" (no change)
- Right:  12.63"  (no change)
- Left:  10.75" (no change)
- Right:  11.0" (no change)

Chest (at Nipples):  40" (no change)
Under Breasts:  32.75" (-0.13")
Waist (Smallest Area):  31.5" (no change) 
Belly Button (2" Below):  36" (-0.5") 
Hips (Widest):  40" (no change)
Upper Thighs
- Left:  23" (no change) 
- Right:  23.5" (no change) 
Mid Thighs
- Left: 19.75" (no change)
- Right:  20.5" (no change)
Calves (Widest) 
- Left:  16" (no change)
- Right:  16" (no change)
Total Inches:  359.38" (-0.75")

WEEKLY (Gained/Released):
Inches = -0.75"
Weight = -0.4 lbs
LBM (lbs) = -0.3 lbs
Bodyfat (lbs) = -0.1 lbs
Bodyfat % = 0%

NET (Gained/Released): 35 Days
Inches = -24.37"
Weight = -8.8 lbs
(add another 5 lb drop to this as I dropped this after the dr's visit & prior to doing this)
LBM (lbs) = +7.8 lbs
Bodyfat (lbs) = -16.6 lbs
Bodyfat % = -6.7%

Notes:   I did not exercise all week and just wanted my body to rest.  I still kept with no grains, no starches and mainly low sugars in food.  However, I did starting either Tues or Wed drink hot decaff green tea with honey.  One tablespoon of honey has 17g sugar and I would do this maybe 2-4 times a day, so my sugar totals for those days went through the roof compared to what I had been doing, which was normally well under 15g per day.

Additionally, on Thurs & Fri, I started taking cough drops and that has an artificial sugar called sucralose and I've had A LOT of cough drops.  I do believe that's the reason why I wasn't able to really shed any real bodyfat this week, in combination with no exercise.  Needless to say, my belly pooch is getting smaller.  I'm down 6" total in 5 weeks with that and being sick 2.5 weeks.

My clothes definitely feel looser and I can't wait to be over being sick.  I start Funk Robert's Beta 2.0 Spartacus workouts for 8 weeks on Monday (I think).  I still haven't received the total instructions of what is happening here, yet.

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