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FTSW Week 8 - Body Stats - Sat, 24-Mar-12 (Spartacus 2.0 Beta - Wk 3)

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Date:  Sat, 3/24/12

Bodyfat Summary & Inches Summary

Bodyfat mm = 13.5 mm (-1 mm)
Bodyfat %: = 25.25% - from Tom Venuto's chart for Women Ages 41-45 (-1.05%)
Scale Weight = Xsw lbs (-3.0 lbs)
LBM + Water = Xlbm lbs (-0.2 lbs) 
Bodyfat = Xbf lbs (-2.8 lbs)

Neck:  13.38" (-0.12")
- Left:  12.50" (-0.25")
- Right:  12.50"  (-0.13")
- Left:  10.5" (no change)
- Right:  10.75" (-0.25")

Chest (at Nipples):  40" (no change)
Under Breasts:  32.5" (no change)
Waist (Smallest Area):  30.75" (-0.25") 
Belly Button (2" Below):  35" (-0.50") 
Hips (Widest):  39.25" (-0.25")

Upper Thighs
- Left:  22.75" (-0.25") 
- Right:  23.25" (-0.25") 
Mid Thighs
- Left: 19.5" (-0.25")
- Right:  19.5" (-0.50")
Calves (Widest) 
- Left:  16" (no change)
- Right:  16" (no change)

Total Inches:  353.875" (-3.01")

WEEKLY (Gained/Released):
Inches = -3.01"
Weight = -3.0 lbs
LBM (lbs) = -0.2 lbs
Bodyfat (lbs) = -2.9 lbs
Bodyfat % = -1.05%

NET (Gained/Released): 56 Days
Inches = -29.88"
Weight = -11.8 lbs
(add another 5 lb drop to this as I dropped this after the dr's visit & prior to doing this)
LBM (lbs) = +7.6 lbs
Bodyfat (lbs) = -19.4 lbs
Bodyfat % = -7.8%

Notes:   I've worked out so hard this week and have been pretty sore.  It's not the sorest I've been ever in my life as there were many times in my 30s I was so sore I could barely get out of bed.  Not that sore.  Tuesday's and Thursday's workouts made me really sore.  Both those workouts there were trainers there to push.  I can see the value of having a trainer physically there, but it's not in my budget right now as I have other things I need to spend my money on that is greater priority.

I'm pretty happy with the results.  This week, my legs and pecs/arms were really sore and amazingly, those were the areas that I have been challenged to release bodyfat in the past month.  I may attribute that to the trainers at the gym pushing me.  Not sure.  So, maybe the key here is to modify some of the Spartacus workouts so that I can have better form with some simpler exercises rather than to do the exact exercises with not as good form as I don't have the upper body strength to do some of them.

A dear friend has volunteered possibly to pay for some personal training for me if it's reasonably priced, which would be incredibly generous.  We'll see how I do next week without a trainer and if my results are just as good.  My weight is at a low for 2012, which is 17 lbs scale weight less than 26-Jan-2012.  I still have another 35 lbs more of bodyfat I'd like to drop, so I'm only 1/3 of the way.

Being sick really stalled me and I think if I hadn't been sick, I probably would've been at this point 3 weeks ago.  However, the thing is, I'm learning and continue to plug along.  I'm not really in a contest and really just wanting to get results because I'm working so hard, and hopefully smart.

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