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Wk 5, Day 3 - Wed, 1-Jan-2014

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5 GRATITUDES (Thank you, Heavenly Papa!):
  • Sleeping in and waking up next to my husband.
  • For all the lessons learned in 2013 to prepare for 2014 and beyond.
  • For our children getting to spend time with family & friends.
  • For provision in all areas of our lives.
  • For a new year that is filled with promise & hope, and that we will flourish this  year! 
  • Hello 2014!
  • Coughed some in the morning and early afternoon, but hardly any after that.  Dressed warmly and stayed warm.
  • Took a short 15 min. walk with my husband.  It was nice to be outdoors because we've been indoors so much.
  • Both kids are back home and it's business as usual.  Tomorrow they have to get to work on their school projects.  Our son's is due when he gets back to school next Tuesday.
  • My husband and I both commented that we think God has brought warmer weather to central AZ to help us get healthwise better.  Thank you, God!
  • I did absolutely no subcon work today.  Yay!  
  • I spent a lot of time on Pinterest pinning stuff all day long.  It was fun because most of the time when I'm online since last May, it's usually work.  I do get to pin or write sometimes, but only in between my work.
  • Took my heart meds, hair supps, Multi vitamins, fish oil, probiotics, cinnamon. 
  • Drank some of tea with ginger, lemon, green tea, and alkaline drops.
  • Used vaporizer with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Taking prescribed cough medication - taking this consistently is helping a lot.
  • Update my husband's ss card at the ss administration office in downtown Phx. 
  • Update driver's license for my husband.
  • Return stuff to CVS for credit or a refund.
  • Pay for son's field trip fee in January. - will pay for in January.
  • Put away summer clothes and hang winter clothes up.
  • Make photo album for husband's mom. 
  • Make photo album for kids' Grandma M. 
  • Upload videos to YT for kids for karate. - Loaded this to the wrong YT account.
  • I need to get an estimate on the repairs and fax to them this week. - I called JT regarding this and he told me what I needed to do.
  • Get some ActivaFulvic.
  • Apply at ST, EJ, CW.
  • Resolve format issues with some MP3s to my iPod.
  • Continue with job search.
  • File paperwork in crate.
  • Explorer Things To Fix List - rear 3rd brake light (whole assembly $120 + labor), passenger side powered mirror ($31 from eBay + labor), passenger front seat powered windows ($120-200 total), left rear tail light ($35 from eBay + labor), rear windshield wiper ($20 from eBay + labor), front hood strut mechanism, rear driver's side door fixing it ($200)
  • 1:30 am - ???? - I slept in with my husband, which normally I am always up early.  
Breakfast  (9:00 am) - brussel sprout egg hash

Lunch (2:00 pm) - soup with pea salad

Dinner (7:00 pm) - homemade chow mein & fried rice 


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