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Trigger Point Work For: Psoas, Minor Pecs, Lower Calves, Lower Back, Glutes, Backs of Knees, Hamstrings

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On a non-workout day, I'll include the trigger point work, if I do any on that day, but on days where I have a workout, I'll do a separate blog entry for any trigger point work, especially if there is a lot of work, which I did today.

Today I mainly used only 2 baseballs to do the trigger point work.  Some of the work was done with 1 ball and then others I put the 2 balls in a sock, tied it, and used that.  I used the floor as my base and leveraged my body between the ball and the floor, putting as much weight as I could endure.

I do not actually have any of the pain areas (the gray striations), but the trigger points did exist because all these points did hurt when pressure was applied.  Really set in trigger points are those which you do not have to apply hardly any pressure and it hurts a lot.  Those may take awhile to workout.

During my workout, I could really feel the lower sides of my calves really working, as well as my toes, so although I worked part of the ankle area yesterday, I chose a different part to work today.

You can take either a baseball or a softball to do this, which I was lying prone on the floor and just digging in.

 These are some other areas that need work for people who do a lot of desk work.
I only worked on the lower trigger point of the abdominals because I did the upper yesterday and that is pretty sore.
 I had not worked on this and it sort of hurt.  I did this for both sides.
 I only did the lower trigger point in the lower back.
 This is one way you can use a ball in a sock for better leverage.
 This felt really good doing this.  This wasn't a really bad trigger point, but I could feel the good release of it.
 I still like placing the ball in the sock so it doesn't slip.
 This area felt good, too.
 You can release trigger points while sitting at your desk.
 Lots of areas on the hamstrings to work on.
Working on the backs of my knees is getting less painful, but it is still painful nonetheless.  Instead of using the foam roller, I am now using the baseball, so I know this is getting better.

My lower calves, the sides, were really feeling my workout, so I incorporated this into my trigger point work today.
 I don't actually set my ball on books, but you can to help you with more leverage.
This could be an area that cold play a part in plantar fascitis.  I do not have that and have not for many years.  However, I could feel my calves really working and wanted to work this area.  It was a little painful.

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