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Wk 16, Day 2 - Tuesday, 17-Jun-2014

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Pray - Sanctus Real

5 GRATITUDES (Thank you, Heavenly Papa!):
  • Thank you God for a day of not going anywhere.
  • Thank you God we made the main reservations for our vacation.
  • Thank you God for our kids.
  • Thank you God for a day of rest from workouts.
  • Thank you God for working on trigger points.
  • Glad I got today's subcon work done in time to watch a movie with the kids.  I don't remember what it was but some cartoon movie.  I almost fell asleep in the middle of it.
  • Got to teach my husband and kids several trigger points for them to work on on their bodies.  I made the kids work on these areas, but my husband wouldn't.  I also worked on these same ones, but I will have to give it 2-3 days before I work on them again.  They are very sore.
  • Except to move the car, I haven't been out of the house today.  It felt good.
  • Thus begins the vacation planning.  We have our major and final destinations planned, but we need the places in between, so thinking about that and need to find inexpensive places to stay.
  • Probiotic & 2x krill oil - before breakfast
  • 3 tpsns Braggs raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar in 8 oz water - before breakfast
  • My heart meds, hair supps, Multi-vitamins, cinnamon, Zn, Mg, Ca, selenium supp, Vit E - breakfast
  • Water - a lot of iced water
  • Did EFT for:  nothing
  • Hibiscus & green tea iced tea with stevia - none
  • Trigger Point Work (or Myofascia Release) - Gluteus Medius and Quadratus Lumborum, upper abdominal, under armpit area
  • Get fresh mint for daughter.
  • Laundry:  clothes (2 loads)
  • Renew library books
  • Backup iPhone contacts for both phones.
  • Call on daughter's library account. - needed to update everyone's accounts with physical addresses
  • Show kids and husband trigger point stuff - teach them how to do this
  • Call on daughter's specialist referral - Tracy to call me back by Thursday
  • Make reservations for vacation. - Part 1 done
  • Call Wednesday about changing the kids' registration for karate to Wednesday night.
  • Clean out humidifier.
  • Send email to PTO President next week regarding son's red polos.
  • Get red polos from PTO President.
  • Order kids' probiotics & iodine supp from LH
  • Drop clothes off at son's old school for donation
  • Buy hooks to hang bags for closet
  • Replace Boostaroo
  • Update driver's license for my husband - this week
  • Update my husband's ss card at the ss administration office in downtown Phx - this week
  • Make photo album for husband's mom & kids' Grandma M
  • Upload videos to YT for kids for karate. - Loaded this to the wrong YT account.
  • Resolve format issues with some MP3s to my iPod.
  • Continue with job search.
  • File paperwork in crate.
  • Explorer Things To Fix List - rear 3rd brake light (whole assembly $120 + labor), passenger side powered mirror ($31 from eBay + labor), passenger front seat powered windows ($120-200 total), left rear tail light ($35 from eBay + labor), rear windshield wiper ($20 from eBay + labor), front hood strut mechanism, rear driver's side door fixing it ($200)
  • 11:30 pm - 6:15 am (6.75 hrs) - arrgh.  My body woke me up this early and I didn't need to.  Tried to get back to sleep, but couldn't.
Breakfast (8:15 am) - 3 scrambled eggs

Lunch (1:45 pm) -  a tuna salad sandwich

Dinner (6:30 pm) - a bowl chorizo spaghetti

Snack (8:00 pm) - nuts

Dessert (10:00 pm) - a mini Kit Kat

ZGym Workouts:
  • Monday - ZShred #45 - DONE!
  • Tuesday - Rest Day - DONE!
  • Wednesday - ZWow #115 - 
  • Thursday -Rest Day - 
  • Friday - ZShred #26  - 
  • Saturday - ZSpecial #3 - 
  • Sunday - Rest Day - 

This is to help relieve trigger points in the gluteous media and the quadratus lumborum, which can affect your gait and much more.  I don't have a theracane, so what I did was take a baseball, place it on the floor and put my pelvic bone area of where the triggers points on it, as much of my bodyweight that I could bear.  This hurt a lot, too.

The trigger points here are in the serratus anterior, like in your armpit area, just below it.  I did this using my baseball and boy, did it hurt a lot, more on my left side than my right side and I'm guessing because I carry my purse on my left side.  
These trigger points are in the upper abdominal area.  This is the first time I've ever done this one and it was a bit painful at first, but I'm used to working on trigger points for my body so I'm able to handle a certain level of pain.  

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