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AA2 Week 3, Day 6 - Sat, 2-Apr-2011

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SMARTER GOAL - Get my last workout done for the week but not overdo it.

Done.  Thank you God!  It's been awhile since I worked out 6 days in a row.  Let's see how my body holds up.  My glutes, hamstrings, lower back, lower abs, calves are super sore, but I'm glad I worked out today.

SLEEP RECEIVED:  8:45 pm - 7:15 am (10.5 hrs) ----> My calves are so incredibly sore.  Had lots and lots of dreams where I was coming down mountains, climbing mountains, swinging on miles and miles of wire to travel through desert countries.  Also, had this dream about computers and information, accessing the information and being like a high powered executive.  My goodness.  My lower back is very sore, as well as my lower abs.

WATER CONSUMED (Goal is 100 oz):
Drank 22 oz by 9:30 am
Drank 24 oz by 10:45 am (46oz total)
Drank 22 oz by 3:15 pm (68 oz total)
Drank 22 oz by 5:45 pm (90 oz total)
22 oz by 7:30 pm ( oz total)


Meal 1 (8:30 am):   about 2-2.5 organic scrambled eggs with a little grapeseed oil

----> I again made 7 scrambled eggs for my 2 kids & I.  This looked less than 3 eggs, as I wanted to make sure my kids got a good dose of protein this morning.  Was going to make them blueberry pancakes with turkey bacon on the side, but that took way more effort.  I'm still pretty hungry, so I'm thinking today I'm going to need to load up on protein in order to keep from binging.

Meal 2 (11:00 am):  Greens smoothie - red swiss, frozen mango, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, psyllium husk, Mila, fat free Greek yogurt, cinnamon, banana, greens powder, water

---> I made my kids a separate shake with less fat free Greek yogurt, no greens powder, added almonds.  They really liked the cinnamon, but they do not like the greens powder or when it had a lot of Greek yogurt.  I like that my smoothies are very low in fat, whatever is in the fruit.

Meal 3 (2:30 pm):  romaine lettuce, crockpot rotisserie chicken, cherry heirloom tomatoes, red onion, blue cheese dressing, raw amonds

----> This tasted so good.  Shouldn't have the blue cheese dressing, but I just wanted it.  My kids didn't want to eat salad this time, so I gave them the option of no nitrite turkey dogs on whole wheat buns.  They chose that instead.  Love my George Foreman Grill.  It's a size just right for the kids & I and can make 2 burgers at the same time.  I sort of wanted to eat these turkey dogs, but resisted, rather made my salad and enjoyed that.

----> Ate a little later than I planned because I was helping my son get through his homework.  He still needs to do his reading.  I always have to keep on him to get his work done and done neatly.  Stressful.  My daughter is very easy here, though, when she doesn't understand her homework, that can be a pain.  However, these are just parenting things and I love all aspects of being a parent, even the challenging stuff.

Meal 4 (5:10 pm):  1/2 oz raw almonds

----> Feeling sooo hungry.  I wanted tator tots and was on my way home from the park, feeling a bit depressed.  I totally enjoy having my children all the time.  Tonight will be the first Saturday night their dad has taken them since the first weekend in January, which is his parenting time.  So, I'm feeling lonely without my kiddos.  Guess I can eat emotionally when it comes to my kids.  We live just right near Sonic, but, realized I was being emotional.  Quickly prayed and then did EFT.  Drove past Sonic and came right home.  Had a bag of raw almonds in the car and had 14 pieces, which is 0.5 oz., or 85 calories.

Meal 5 (5:45 pm):  a chicken pot pie

----> This was loaded in calories & fat, but sugar was low at 4g for the serving.  There were 2 potpies in the freezer and they were for my kids, but now I took one of them.  This definitely was high in carbs and fat, and so not supposed to be a part of my P day.  Not sure if eating tator tots would've been better, but I really didn't feel like eating another salad today.  I'm pretty sure I've now hit about 2K calories for the day, which is a little more than I'd like to eat.  Oh well.


EXERCISE (shoes on):  9:58 am - 10:40 am

Cardio Time:  Walking Hill Intervals (17 rounds @ 30:60)

Equipment Used:  GymBoss Interval Timer, Polar Heartrate Monitor RS200 with Footpod

Warmup:  5:01 walking

Heartrates Per Round:
Warmup:  Max Heartrate = 97 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 89 bpm
Round 1:  Max Heartrate = 107 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 98 bpm
Round 2:  Max Heartrate = 113 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 106 bpm
Round 3:  Max Heartrate = 122 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 116 bpm
Round 4:  Max Heartrate = 126 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 120 bpm
Round 5:  Max Heartrate = 126 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 122 bpm
Round 6:  Max Heartrate = 128 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 124 bpm
Round 7:  Max Heartrate = 129 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 126 bpm
Round 8:  Max Heartrate = 135 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 129 bpm
Round 9:  Max Heartrate = 134 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 130 bpm
Round 10:  Max Heartrate = 132 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 128 bpm
Round 11:  Max Heartrate = 137 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 130 bpm
Round 12:  Max Heartrate = 138 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 134 bpm
Round 13:  Max Heartrate = 140 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 136 bpm
Round 14:  Max Heartrate = 139 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 137 bpm
Round 15:  Max Heartrate = 143 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 138 bpm
Round 16:  Max Heartrate = 141 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 137 bpm
Round 17:  Max Heartrate = 140 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 136 bpm
Cooldown:  Max Heartrate = 133 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 119 bpm

Cooldown:  10:34 walking (avg speed = 38:33 min/mile)

Total Time:  40:50 (includes warmup AND cooldown)
Calories Burned:  454
Max Heartrate: 143 bpm
Avg Heartrate:  120 bpm

Zone 1 = 11:22, Zone 2 = 8:26, Zone 3 = 2:10

Distance:  1.22 miles
Max:  16:12 min./mile
Min:  33:31 min/milw

Notes:  The steep hill is hard on my knees and lower back, but I decided that was easier than jump roping or sprinting.  I didn't want to do tabatas today as I want to get in as much outside stuff before the weather gets way too hot for me to do anything outside and then I'll have to do the tabatas.

At 10 am in the morning, it was already 90° F outside.  Ugggh.  I found the steepest and longest hill I could find and intended to do 1 min going up the hill and 2 min. walking, but I found even with walking, I got up the hill in 30 sec., so I decided to cut the interval time in half to 30 sec walking uphill and 1 min. going downhill and walking on level ground to bring my heartrate back down some.

The first half of the intervals were fine, but I started to get tired and the last 2-3 interval rounds I couldn't wait to be done as my legs were so shaky going up as well as coming down the hill.  Glad I got all 6 of my workouts done.  17 is an odd number but I had to reset my GymBoss after the first 1 min.:2 min. interval I attempted which turned into 30:60 instead.  I reset the GymBoss to 16 intervals while walking with the first interval done, that's why 17.

The hill was steep at about 30% incline, I'm guessing or slightly more.  It was hard on my shins going straight down.  Doing these hill intervals any later in the morning would've been brutal.  The soccer field was filled with flag, peewee, and regular football practice going on and the parking lot was filled.  God really blessed the kids and I with a wonderful parking spot my daughter spotted that was close to where I was going to do my workout.  God always gives us a great parking spot wherever we go and I'm so grateful.  Yay God!!!

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Gina said...

Hey Doris,
I am so glad you have had a great week of workouts and clean eating! Wonderful! You are well on your journey! Keep it up! I know it must be hard to have your children away. I miss my son so much as he never calls much but I know withhim it is part of his growing up and becomming more independent, sure feels like someone cut off one of my arms though! Have another great week!



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