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AA2 Week 5, Day 5 - Fri, 15-Apr-2011

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SMARTER GOAL - Stay on track with my eating, since I haven't had a P day this week.

Failed on this.  Way too many starchy carbs this week.

SLEEP RECEIVED:  10:45 pm - 6:00 am (7.25 hrs) - had lots of dreams last night and I dreamed about someone that I wished I hadn't.  The dream was not from God from the nature of the dream and upset me.  Did not really feel refreshed when I awoke.

WATER CONSUMED (Goal is 100 oz):
Drank 8 oz by 7:00 am
Drank 22 oz by 7:45 am (30 oz total)
Drank 22 oz by 12:15 pm (52 oz total)
22 oz by 4:30 pm ( oz total)
22 oz by 6:30 pm ( oz total)
22 oz by 9:00 pm ( oz total)

MEALS EATEN:  P Day (going to see if I can actually make it a P day)
Meal 1 (7:15 am):   about 12 mini beef tacos

----> Oh gosh.  I don't know what happened.  I walked into the kitchen undecided if I would be eating eggs or not this morning, as my kids wanted something different.  Then, I found myself eating these mini-beef tacos.  Crud, I screwed up my P day.  Let's see if the rest of the meals can go better.

Meal 2 (12:45 pm):  Greens smoothie - kale, blueberries, mango, psyllium husk, Mila, fat free Greek yogurt, cinnamon, water, banana, strawberries

---> Was working on getting prints made for my son's Timeline project at school that's due next week.  Sorting through tens of thousands of photos took awhile.  I did half last week and now doing the other half today.  All prints are sent to Costco to print out and I will pick up when I go to my kids' school.

Plans were to do my workout earlier, but didn't start until 11:45 am.  At least I got it done.

Meal 3 (3:30 pm):  1 oz raw almonds

Meal 4 (4:30 pm): 

EXERCISE (shoes on):  11:50 am - 12:25 pm

Warmup (2 rounds) 3:02
- Pushups x 8
- Squats x 12
- Spiderman Climbs x 10 total
- Jumping Jacks x 20

Weight Based Interval Workout - Weeks 5 - #3
- DB Renegade Rows with Push Ups w/Hands on Foam Roller x 12 lbs x 6 reps/side  ---->  It took quite a bit for me to balance on my one hand on the foam roller.  I just couldn't get it real well at first on the first round.  By the 4th round, I was fine.
DB Pull to Overhead Press Standing on Upside Down Bosu x 10 lbs x 15 reps  ---->  Doing the pull I can do more weight, but on the press I can't.  15 reps was good and glad I increased this by 3 reps, but I could not have done 20 reps.
- DB T-Stabilization w/Hands on Foam Roller x 10 lbs x 6 reps/side ---> I had balance issues the first 2 rounds on this.  I did not alternate sides, rather I did one side first and then the other.  I couldn't have done more than 6 reps/side. 
- DB Squat with Bent Over Rear Raise Standing on Upside Down Bosu x 12 lbs x 15 reps ---->  I accidentally did the tri ext yesterday instead of the rear raise so I'm switching this.  My error.  I wrote it down in my workout book correctly, but did the wrong exercise.  Duh.  15 reps was good, an increase from 3 reps, but 20 would've been too many.

Rounds Completed: 4
R1 = 6:41, R2 = 4:57, R3 = 5:07, R4 = 5:02

Heartrates Per Round:
Round 1:  Max Heartrate = 109 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 95 bpm
Round 2:  Max Heartrate = 110 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 102 bpm
Round 3:  Max Heartrate = 114 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 106 bpm
Round 4:  Max Heartrate = 117 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 109 bpm

Total Time:  24:51 (includes warmup, but not cooldown)
Calories Burned:  188
Max Heartrate:  117 bpm
Avg Heartrate:  101 bpm

Note:  I was feeling pretty tired before starting this workout.  Spent all morning on my son's Timeline project getting together pictures and sending out to print so he can actually work on his rough draft this evening and assemble it tomorrow.  Guess seeing the many thousands of pics of my kids, friends and family were very relaxing.  My heartrate wasn't dropping, so that was good, at least while I was exercising, but I felt so tired.

Didn't sleep real well last night due to excessive dreams.  My upper body is really tired, too.  Probably from yesterday's workout.  Maybe I should've done this workout tomorrow, but too late.  It's out of the way now.

Couplet Finisher #3
- DB (10 lbs) Squat Press on Upside Down Bosu:  R1 = 13 reps, R2 = 12 reps, R3 = 13 reps, R4 = 9 reps
- DB (15 lbs) Bent Over Rows on Upside Down Bosu:  R1 = 10 reps, R2 = 10 reps, R3 = 9 reps, R4 = 8 reps

Rounds Completed:  4
R1 = 1:14, R2 = 1:21, R3 = 1:35, R4 = 0:59

Heartrates Per Round:
Round 1:  Max Heartrate = 116 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 110 bpm
Round 2:  Max Heartrate = 122 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 117 bpm
Round 3:  Max Heartrate = 121 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 118 bpm
Round 4:  Max Heartrate = 119 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 115 bpm

Total Time:  5:10
Calories Burned: 54
Max Heartrate:  122 bpm
Avg Heartrate:  116 bpm

Note:  I felt so shaky on the upside down bosu and almost fell off.  My arms were also shaky and tired, but I pressed through.

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