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AA2 Week 5, Day 6 - Sat, 16-Apr-2011

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SMARTER GOAL - Get my last workout done for the week and not take a nap.

Done.  Finally I met this goal.

SLEEP RECEIVED:  11:45 pm - 7:45 am (8 hrs) ----> Had lots of weird dreams, but felt alright when I woke up.

WATER CONSUMED (Goal is 100 oz):
Drank 22 oz by 10:00 am
Drank 22 oz by 1:00 pm (44 oz total)
Drank 22 oz by 5:45 pm (66 oz total)
Drank 22 oz by 6:45 pm (88 oz total)
12 oz by 9:00 pm ( oz total)

Meal 1 (3:00 pm) - 2 bowls of Homemade Peanut Chicken Noodle

----> Was so busy with my son's project, Bible reading, and doing housechores that I forgot to eat until after I made this dish for my kids.  It was so good and I'm thankful I had all those ingredients.

Meal 2 (7:00 pm) - Greens Smoothie - spinach, blueberries, pineapple, mango, banana, psyllium husk, Mila, fat free Greek yogurt, water, cinnamon

---> I did not eat much today and I don't know that I'll eat anything else later this evening.  Hopefully not.


EXERCISE (shoes on):  6:15 pm - 6:50 pm

Warmup (2 rounds):  2:50
- Pushups x 8
- Squats x 12
- Spiderman Climbs x 10 total
- Jumping Jacks x 20

5 Tabata Exercise Intervals - 8 Rounds of 35:10 Each (6 min.)

Equipment Used:  GymBoss Interval Timer, Polar RS200SD Heartrate Monitor

  • Exploding Star (3:50 into video) - Sexy Butt Buster Workout for 35 sec x 10 sec rest x 8 rounds     ---> Reps = 24,19,18,17,17,16,16,19.  I got easily tired with these and they were pretty challenging.  You basically jump to a squat position, as you jump up, you spread your arms out like a star as well as your legs.  That's 1 rep.  I could really feel these in my quads and the sides of my calves.

  • Pike Pendulum (4:25 into video) - Sexy Butt Buster Workout for 35 sec x 10 sec rest x 8 rounds ---> Reps = 53,36,37,28,46,47,50,50.  You are down on the ground holding yourself up with your arms, your butt slightly in the air.  You swing your legs as if they were a pendulum.  I could feel these in my calves a lot.  These were challenging and as you can see from my reps for each round, I did get tired, but started to get my wind back the 2nd half of the rounds. 

  • Alternating High Side Kicks for 35 sec x 10 sec rest x 8 rounds  ----> Reps = 30,26,23,22,25,27,23,24.  I made this one up as I wanted to work my hips, glutes.  This exercise did it.  As each round went, my legs felt heavier and heavier.  However, I could totally feel how hard the muscles in my legs were.  Way cool. 

  • High Knee Run In Place for 35 sec x 10 sec rest x 8 rounds   ---> Reps = 87,98.94,94,100,96,98,94.  My knees weren't super high, but they were higher than if I was actually running.  This got my heartrate up, but I didn't want it to go too high.  This was a good tabata, and helped loosen me up after the prior Tabata.

  • Side-to-Side Jumps for 35 sec x 10 sec rest x 8 rounds ----> Reps = 70,68,61,62,60,56,62,61.  I can always feel these in my calves greatly, the sides of them.  I was surprised I could do this many after all the other exercises.  However, I had to pray my way through most of this exercise as I was tired and wanted to quit.  I've never quit in the middle of a Tabata yet, and unless it's a medical emergency or something of that ilk, I don't plan on.

    Rest Between Tabatas
    R1 = 0:34, R2 = 0:54, R3 = 0:45, R4 = 0:41

    Heartrates Per Round:
    Exercise 1:  Max Heartrate = 142 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 138 bpm
    Exercise 2:  Max Heartrate = 146 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 138 bpm
    Exercise 3:  Max Heartrate = 141 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 138 bpm
    Exercise 4:  Max Heartrate = 151 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 145 bpm
    Exercise 5:  Max Heartrate = 151 bpm, Avg Heartrate = 145 bpm

    Total Time:  36:02 (includes warmup, but not cooldown)
    Calories Burned:  518
    Max Heartrate: 151 bpm
    Avg Heartrate:  139 bpm (includes warmup)

    Zone 1 = 2:08, Zone 2 = 10:56, Zone 3 = 13:55, Zone 4 = 7:02 

    Notes:  I feel so proud of myself in a humble and grateful way to God that I got all 6 of my workouts done this week.  I'm not sure if doing 5 Tabatas, which was 30 min. worth of exercise was a good idea considering what happened to me the other week.  What I'm going to do is to vary this and sometimes do fewer Tabatas, or do other cardio from high intensity to low to medium.  I am glad that I did not get into Zone 5, as I wanted to keep my heartrate down some, but still up to get a good cardio workout.

    Am looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.
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    Gina said...

    Hey Doris,
    Back from Las Vegas and glad to be back to my clean eating and workouts! What a great workout you had on Saturday! I am so happy that you are in the zone and in it to win it! Congrats on getting all of your wrokouts in this past week! Hugs, Gina



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