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Been doing a lot of spiritual housecleaning this year and it's getting more intense.  I used to have this practice before kids and probably some when I only had my first, but I read the Bible every day no matter what.  I've gotten out of the habit and then intermittently I would go in these spurts where daily I would read.  What really helped was having my Our Daily Bread devotional to read each morning.  Loved those little stories and the verses, and sayings.

However, I stopped getting those little booklets and except for periods where I was going through a challenge or something, I would often forget to read the Bible regularly.  The Bible is a Christian's spiritual food and just like regular food for our physical bodies, we need this daily.  Guess I've been on a spiritual fast and that hasn't been good.

Don't get me wrong, each week, I do read the Bible more than just at church or life groups, but not with consistency.  There is something said about consistency and the strength that gives a person.  If I were consistent at giving variety & following healthy, nutritious meals frequently for my body, as well as regular exercise rather than these stop & start things, I would be fairing so much better.

I've been keeping track of my Bible reading with the kids, as we do Family Bible reading time as we are  going to read through the whole Bible together as a family.  Though we have covered 2 months worth, we've only read for 31 days.  Meaning, we are averaging reading like every other day.  What if we just physically ate every other day?  Probably our metabolism would be so slow and we'd store even more unwanted fat. 

Maybe reading inconsistently, though we are still providing nourishment, it's not operating optimally.  What would happen if we as a family spent time DAILY in God's Word?  And, what happens if we did this every morning and evening - covering our day with God's Word, which is the Sword of the Spirit, then ending it with that?  seeking His Truth?  I think this better equips us for the battles that lie ahead.

The past 3 days, we've spent time in God's Word both in the morning and evening.  My eating has been on track and been a bit effortless.  Though my exercise isn't caught up, working on that.  Peace isn't totally there, but a bit more peace and God soothes my heart.  Still seeking God for healing with my mouth, but the rest of my body feels alright.

Maybe I'll put in my days what my kids & I read when.  I honestly cannot do this program or anything else without God.  In John 15:5 it says that apart from God, I can do nothing.  It is deceptive to think I can.

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