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One of the things I'm seeing a pattern in is if I'm overly busy and not getting enough good sleep, that it greatly affects my thinking and emotions.  I see that I haven't been daily doing my journal entries and I typically am very diligent with this.  These journal entries take quite a bit, though, it is a template I use.  However, I am so detailed, but not as detailed as I had been - like putting calories, sugar, etc. and pictures of my food.

My kids have a lot of school activities.  Hopefully all the major projects are done and no more are required of each of my children.  There are no more major, major holidays after Easter and there are 5 more weeks left of school.  Not sure if there will be anymore field trips or not.  Although they are fun, they wipe me out.

I'm still learning how to deal with my children's father.  It has been a frustrating, sometimes frightening, disappointing, hurtful and the list of negative emotions goes on when dealing with him.  It's hard to believe there are people like him on this earth, but there are plenty, unfortunately.

Hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks, I can make some good headway on my financial baggage, to get that unpacked & moving along.  Have been making lots of changes to how I think and how I approach things which are very different than how I have been.  Stepping way out of my comfort zone, to begin more aggressively moving in the direction I want to be and not live in compromise.

God's Word has been really impacting me greatly and now I believe I am in alignment with Him.  Though, dealing with my kids' father sometimes puts me borderline again and again.  As I lean on God to give me the strength to make right choices here, He does.  He keeps me on a short leash and I'm glad.  I hope there will be victory soon here, as this is going on 4 yrs and it's really tiresome.

I will do my best to be more diligent and consistent with my journal entries, but no promises.  We are at the halfway point in the AA2 group.  Six weeks are now completed.  There is definitely more interaction from more people this time around than last time, for which I'm glad.  However, Gina and I are the only ones that post to the whole group our workouts.  She's done a better job than me at this.

I don't want to talk too deeply about mindset stuff or my emotions here, at least on the very personal side as this is a public blog.  It's just too personal. 

Anyway, tomorrow is Easter and I need to get to bed so I can be alert to teach my Sunday School class of 3-4 yr olds.  I'm bringing watermelon, so hope that isn't too messy.

What I'm realizing is that I hate drama.  Guessing boring is not overrated.

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Gina said...

Hey Doris,
Happy Easter! The fact that you are aware about what is going on with your feelings and emotions is great! You are in my thoughts & prayers! Big Hugs!



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