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Flavilicious Full Body Workouts Review

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Oh my gosh.  It took awhile to download this and I actually had to go to my backup harddrive as my 2 other drives were getting too full.

Let me just say Flavia Del Monte has a really nice, fit body and if what she has in this program is what she does or harder with a good, healthy, nutritious diet and all those other things that goes along with good health, she completely deserves her body.  My gosh.  She is fit.

I just finished watching all her 5 DVDs, which is about 1.5 hrs long.  As I also listened yesterday to an interview Scott Colby did with Flavia, she talks about she went from being a skinny fat person to where she is now.  Though I was never a skinny person, it helped to hear what she had to say.

So I first looked at the pdf files of the workouts and somehow they didn't impress me.  However, after all the videos were loaded and I put them into iTunes (she has a DVD version and an iTunes/iPod version of the videos) and watched them all.

Let me just say the pdf files do not do the videos justice.  As I watched Flavia do and explain the exercises, I was in awe.  I'm a seasoned weightlifter and workout person, but she got me on quite a few exercises where I'm not sure if I can actually do.  She did each exercise slowly and with control.  The videos were well done in that there were all angles of her working out , so you can see what is happening to the various body parts.  This is very helpful.

Many of the exercises are compound movements, which is great.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to doing her workouts once I'm done with the last 5 weeks of the Ageless Abs Program.

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