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I really love eating and I love food, though, this week, food doesn't seem appealing to me, at least to physically eat it.  Looking at it and recipes is good, and it doesn't make me lust after food.  One of the things that awes me right now is food photos.  There are so many good food photos and it intrigues me on how well many people take good food shots.  This is probably one of the most challenging.

Do people use DSLRs to get those photos or what do they do about the lighting?  I find that lighting is one of the biggest things for me.   Then, it's focus.  When I do get a good photo shot, I'm not really sure what I did because it was just a guess as to how to do this.

Found a bunch of really great food blogs and I want to try so many different recipes.  Since I'm always looking to eat healthier and love healthy, delicious, quick recipes, it's always so great to find recipes like this - oh, and that they look good and are colorful.  And, a total must is that my kids must love it, too.  They sometimes are picky and I love when they love my cooking when it's really healthy.

Last night, I made a Healthy Sloppy Joe's (Gluten Free) recipe that is so easy.  My kids love this recipe and they don't even realize it had loads of fiber and protein.  My kids do eat this on buns, but I eat this with my salad and use it as my meat source.  It's really good, and so quick to make.  Yes, it takes slightly longer to make than out of the can, but there are no preservatives and all that yucky stuff that's in a can, that doesn't have all those good, healthy ingredients.

Love recipes like this, so if you have a healthy, quick, delicious recipe to share, feel free.

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