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My Heartrate Monitor Settings

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I use a Polar RS200SD Heartrate Monitor.

As of 23-Apr-2014, I am a 46 years old female, so my max HR (heartrate) is 174 (220 - 46 = 174).

The HR Zones for me are:

Zone 1 = 69-74% (120-130 bpm)
Zone 2 = 75-78% (131-136 bpm)
Zone 3 = 79-82% (137-143 bpm)
Zone 4 = 83-88% (144-154 bpm)
Zone 5 = 89-99% (155-173 bpm)

My resting HR is 53 bpm.

My VO2 Max is 46, which is in the excellent range.

These are the things that are programmed into my HR monitor and are the things I display for results in HR Zone Times.  I also have my weight and height in there, so it takes those things into account when it calculates calories burned.

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