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Wk 2, Day 7 - Sun, 15-Dec-2013

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  • Nice to be in church.  Learned another pillar family of our church is moving on.  I feel so sad, but happy for the family.
  • Our daughter got to go to the Youth Christmas party with her BFF and her two sisters.  Having 4 girls in the car sure is noisy.  Sounds like they had fun.
  • Trying to use fresh ginger now in our tea along with the decaff green tea, lemon and honey.  Seems to be helping the cough, I think.  Learned that my body has been too acidic, which is why it's having a hard time fighting this cough.  Sugar makes your body more acidic.  AH told me I can get pills from the health food store to help with pH levels in the body.  Think I'll pick some up after I drop the kids off at school.
  • My husband hasn't sounded good all day.  He originally didn't want to drink the tea with fresh ginger, but quickly relented.  He was feverish today and stayed home all day.  He refuses to give up his sugar, so that could be a reason why he's not healing, and that I'm healing quicker.  However, if I cut out the dessert stuff I've been having, I'd probably get well quicker, rid myself of this awful cough.
  • Nice to see SK at church.  It's been a very long time.  He was just visiting.
  • Took my heart meds, hair supps, Multi vitamins, fish oil, probiotics, cinnamon.-
  • Drank mainly lots of hot tea and my cough disappeared after I added fresh ginger to the hot water.
  • Get all Friday's subcon work done.
  • Get weekend subcon work done.  Didn't get as much as I wanted, so this paycheck will be less since it took me too long to do Friday's work and just too busy.
  • Mop - kids
  • Take daughter and her friends to Christmas party.
  • Update my husband's ss card at the ss administration office in downtown Phx.
  • Update driver's license for my husband.
  • Return stuff to CVS for credit or a refund.
  • Pay for son's field trip fee in January. - will pay for in January.
  • Put away summer clothes and hang winter clothes up.
  • Get new laptop with Win7.
  • Make photo album for husband's mom.
  • Make photo album for mom.
  • Make photo album for dad.
  • Make photo album for kids' Grandma M.
  • Upload videos to YT for kids for karate. - Loaded this to the wrong YT account.
  • I need to get an estimate on the repairs and fax to them this week. - I called JT regarding this and he told me what I needed to do.
  • Get some ActivaFulvic.
  • Apply at ST, EJ, CW.
  • Resolve format issues with some MP3s to my iPod.
  • Continue with job search.
  • File paperwork in crate.
  • Find out costs for parts & labor for the things we need done to the Explorer - rear 3rd brake light (whole assembly $120 + labor), passenger side powered mirror ($31 from eBay + labor), passenger front seat powered windows ($120-200 total), left rear tail light ($35 from eBay + labor), rear windshield wiper ($20 from eBay + labor), front hood strut mechanism, rear driver's side door fixing it ($200).
  • 11:00 PM - 6:30 am (7.5 hrs) - wanted to sleep in some more, but needed to be up to do my hair, make breakfast, and do my subcon work from Friday that I'm way behind on.

Breakfast  (8:30 am) - eggs with cheesy potato leftovers from a few nights ago - used up the last of the cheesy potato..

Lunch (2:00 pm) - A bowl of chicken corn chowder.

Dinner (6:30 pm) - I think 10 mini beef tacos with sour cream and 1/4 of a slice of red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.


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