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It's been more than a month since I have posted and so much has happened since then.  My stepfather passed away on Veteran's Day unfortunately.  My family and others have surrounded my mom to help during this time, and the weeks before his passing away.  For us, that included 2 trips to Nevada for this.

My regular Zuzka Light workouts have been personally waning for myself, but my daughter has been regularly doing them up to 7 days a week some weeks.  For the month of November, my sleep has been off and I've been sleep deprived a lot of the month, so that's been maybe why my hair hasn't been fairing so well.

My husband finally got his authorization to work in the U.S. legally, so he has been applying for a lot of different jobs.  He is also working on his English, communication skills outside of me and has been doing well.  It's taken him over a year to get to this point and he has a long way to go.  I couldn't force him to be bolder sooner.

My husband's Immigration Interview for Permanent Residency was the day before Thanksgiving and I thought we were set for this but after speaking with the Immigration Lawyer, he suggested some more documentation solidifying our marriage is not a sham.  So, I got 5 people to write letters on behalf of my husband.  Plus, gathering all a bunch of the thousands of photos I take every year of us doing stuff, traveling all over the state.

This interview went very well and before it was over, the Immigration Officer excitedly granted him approval on his permanent residency, and this enables him to get his Green Card that will last two years.  Praise God!  So many wonderful things here and the Interview was longer than we thought.  It was over an hour long, but the Officer was very pleasant.  In fact, everyone we dealt with at Immigration was very pleasant to us, overly pleasant.  Maybe because it was Thanksgiving week?

My subcontracting work has been a lot more stressful in that they want things back earlier and given even more work with added pay, which is very helpful.  During our 3 trips to Vegas in the past 6-7 weeks or so, I've taken my laptop and accessories on the road to do my subcon work.  Found that doing the work in the dark makes me very nauseated, so I must do this during the daylight, which sometimes poses a problem because of the reflection of things.

Very grateful to my dad for letting us borrow his car.  Though pretty small and we are packed like sardines in there, it worked.  It got great mileage and helped cut our cost of gas by more than half, as we get close to 40 mpg on the freeway, while our old Explorer is near 17-18 mpg at best.

The kids have had their school stuff, taking them to practices earlier, picking up later, performances, etc, even more than the normal.  Our son has had chess tournaments and a math contest, all of which take up weekend up.  I've been teaching in Children's Ministry as November was my month.  I owe one week to the substitute because he filled in for me the week we were gone to Nevada.

And, just all the normal stuff where we are pretty busy as is without added things.

I will not workout if I'm sleep deprived because the exercise causes a greater stress on my body and it doesn't need that.

My husband has been having a lot of congestion and refuses to let me use any trigger point stuff to help him.  He sounds awful here and suffering.

As the weather has gotten colder, we are now transitioning from warm weather clothing and pulling out the cold weather stuff, so in this transition, things are very much in disarray.  The clutter is really bothering me and hopefully before the end of the week, we can declutter and get things a bit more organized.

Finally got our odometer/tripometer fixed.  While our mechanic had the dashboard out, he suggested changing out the gear shifter belt, which is something we wanted to have done, so he did that with no extra labor charges, just the part.  That saved us about 1.5-2 hrs of labor.  Yay!

Eating hasn't been too good with too much fast food on some weeks, but this week, week after Thanksgiving, just going to go easy on eating and more veggies, more protein, less starchiness to take off any excess weight.

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