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Wk 4, Day 7 - Sunday, 30-Mar-2014

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I Don't Deserve Your Love (Cover) - Plumb

5 GRATITUDES (Thank you, Heavenly Papa!):
  • Thank you God for for a good sermon by Pastor John.
  • Thank you God I got to pray for LW.
  • Thank you God for all the subcon work I got done today.
  • Thank you God for good drinking water.
  • Thank you God for today.
  • My organic Hibiscus tea came from Amazon the other day.  It's 200 bags for about $22.  It tastes similar (but not the same) as the one I got from Sprouts, which is also organic, but 16 bags for nearly $5.  Will have to give this a few days to see how I like this, but I'm at least committed for the 200 bags.  I will later sometime next month or so make Hibiscus Iced Tea from it and see how that goes.
  • I like when I can eat breakfast at home and have time before doing other stuff to do this, so I can go through my routine of taking probiotic with krill, then maybe a few minutes later take the ACV in water, swishing in my mouth (to help kill cold sore stuff).  Get breakfast made, my tea water boiling.  Get all my meds & supplements out on a Kleenex next to my breakfast.  Take my time to begin eating breakfast and take my pill melange with my breakfast, as some of them require you have food in your system.  Can't remember which ones.  The probiotic must be taken on an empty stomach, though. 
  • Wow, another big family has left our church and I am really bummed.  It depressed the rest of my day.
  • Seemed my dad was a bit down not being needed to watch one of his grandsons anymore.  It seemed to cheer my dad up to ask him about his garden and all the things he's doing with it.  He showed me his garden more and then my husband in details, which we enjoyed.  He takes some of the compost stuff we have and grows them.  He has this huge plant of tomatillos and hopefully they will grow bigger.  My dad likes feeling needed and useful.  I am learning to appreciate my dad more and be more understanding thanks to my husband.
  • Found out that the Latin store has hibiscus tea bags 25 for $1.69.  That's a lot less expensive than what I paid on Amazon.  They also have loose hibiscus for $4.49/lb.  I'll try this just before I run out of what I have.
  • Worked a lot today.  
  • Thankful while our son and daughter were out biking and he got hurt, that he wasn't seriously hurt.  He should be alright with a little rest and healing, and ice.
  • Probiotic & krill oil - before breakfast
  • 3 tpsns Braggs raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar in 8 oz water - before breakfast
  • Hibiscus & green tea with honey, turmeric, ginger - morning 
  • My heart meds, hair supps, Multi-vitamins, cinnamon, Zn, Mg, Ca, selenium supp, Vit E - breakfast  
  • Water (no iced tea) - throughout day
  • Did EFT for:  nothing
  • Laundry:  towels (1 load), clothes (1 load)
  • Replace Boostaroo
  • Get more ACV.
  • Get taxes done.
  • Take laptop into Softque.
  • Gather in receipts for C.
  • Update driver's license for my husband
  • Update my husband's ss card at the ss administration office in downtown Phx  
  • Make photo album for husband's mom & kids' Grandma M
  • Upload videos to YT for kids for karate. - Loaded this to the wrong YT account.
  • I need to get an estimate on the repairs and fax to them this week. 
  • Resolve format issues with some MP3s to my iPod.
  • Continue with job search.
  • File paperwork in crate.
  • Explorer Things To Fix List - rear 3rd brake light (whole assembly $120 + labor), passenger side powered mirror ($31 from eBay + labor), passenger front seat powered windows ($120-200 total), left rear tail light ($35 from eBay + labor), rear windshield wiper ($20 from eBay + labor), front hood strut mechanism, rear driver's side door fixing it ($200)
  • 11:00 pm - 6:30 am (7.5 hrs) - wasn't sleepy any longer.  Had a lot of dark dreams last night but can't remember.  They even woke me up in the middle of the night.
Breakfast  (8:00 am) - 1/2 cup organic oats with 1 cup water, 3/4 cup blueberries, 1.5 tbpns peanut butter, 1/2 scoop whey protein, 1/2 scoop ground flaxseed, cinnamon, honey

Lunch (1:00 pm) - quesadilla - shredded cheddar cheese, corned beef, avocado, refried beans, jalapeno slices, vienna sausage ---->  I know, weird.  Actually it was 2 half quesadillas, one had corned beef and the other had refried beans and the vienna sausage and both had the rest of the stuff

Dinner (7:15 pm) - salad - butter lettuce, tomatoes, green onion, shredded carrots, cucumber sticks, avocado, baked breaded chicken patties with dressing - mayo, avocado, sea salt, cumin, garlic cloves, cilantro.


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