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Wk 3, Day 7 - Sun, 23-Mar-2014

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Oceans, Where Feet May Fail - United

I Surrender - Hillsong

5 GRATITUDES (Thank you, Heavenly Papa!):
  • Thank you God I reached 1K Pinterest followers.  Woohoo!
  • Thank you God for a wonderful worship time this morning and all these mornings.
  • Thank you God for clean clothes and a clean house.
  • Thank you God for my mom's generosity in treating all of us kids and families to dinner.
  • Thank you God for all the subcon work I got done today.
  • Sometimes my dad makes really good stuff.  I remember one day I was asking him what he was making and he said some peanut butter and raisin thing and I thought, yuck.  Turns out he gave us 8 of these things and I ended up eating 4 of them.  They are good and filling.  The protein & fat from the peanut butter is good and then the raisins give it a nice sweet taste.  Perfect.  I was wrong.
  • It felt warm today.
  • The past day I've had a headache.  Had more headaches lately and I'm finally going to use the Tens unit on it as well as a do some massaging and trigger point stuff at the base of my skull and upper neck/back shoulder area with the Accu-Masseur.  I don't want to take any Alleve..  And I am icing that area down with my ice pack (bought this in 2010 when I sprained my ankle - well worth the price as it's reusable).  The neck/upper back area is where I store my stress and tensions.  
  • Got a lot of subcon work done today.  Praise God!  Last pay period's invoice wasn't that much.  Hopefully this invoice will be a lot better.  Today I was focused on working.
  • Probiotic & fish oil - before breakfast
  • 2 tpsns Braggs raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar in 8 oz water - before breakfast
  • Hibiscus & green tea with honey, turmeric, ginger - morning 
  • My heart meds, hair supps, Multi vitamins, cinnamon, Zn, Mg, Ca, selenium supp - breakfast  
  • Lots of water (no tea) - throughout day
  • Tens unit on my upper back/shoulder area - for the headache
  • Accu-Masseur on neck, upper back/shoulder areas
  • Ice pack on upper neck/back/shoulder area
  • Did EFT for:  nothing, no time
  • Clean out containers and wipe down parts of the frig. - kids
  • Laundry:  Clothes (1 load)
  • Safeway:  Bread for lunches
  • Take laptop into Softque.
  • Return non-working headset to Best Buy
  • Gather in receipts for C.
  • Update driver's license for my husband
  • Update my husband's ss card at the ss administration office in downtown Phx  
  • Make photo album for husband's mom & kids' Grandma M
  • Upload videos to YT for kids for karate. - Loaded this to the wrong YT account.
  • I need to get an estimate on the repairs and fax to them this week. 
  • Resolve format issues with some MP3s to my iPod.
  • Continue with job search.
  • File paperwork in crate.
  • Explorer Things To Fix List - rear 3rd brake light (whole assembly $120 + labor), passenger side powered mirror ($31 from eBay + labor), passenger front seat powered windows ($120-200 total), left rear tail light ($35 from eBay + labor), rear windshield wiper ($20 from eBay + labor), front hood strut mechanism, rear driver's side door fixing it ($200)
  • 11:00 pm - 2:30 am (3.5 hrs) - really, really not happy about this.  My husband came to bed late and woke me up and I couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up to work.  Have a splitting headache, my upper back/neck hurts, too.
  • 6:00 am - 10:30 am (4.5 hrs) - well, so much for going to church.  My son tried to wake me up and I just couldn't get up.  Still have the headache.
Breakfast  (11:15 am) - corned beef with kohrabi, jicama, carrots, eggs, shredded cheese, Himalayan sea salt

Lunch (1:30 pm) - two small homemade rolls my dad made with peanut butter and raisins

Dinner (5:30 pm) - just made a pig of myself at Pacific Seafood.  Embarrassing, but enjoyed the food.  I was stuffed, but thankfully I felt fine except for being too fine.

EXERCISE - rest day

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