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Wk 5, Day 5 (Fri, 23-Aug-2013)

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  • Ever since I started with not drinking water throughout my meal, the past couple weeks, I've found myself a lot hungrier and eating more and having more cravings.  I don't know if that's coincidence or what.  I know when I was drinking cold water throughout my meal, my appetite was significantly less, wasn't having any cravings, drinking more water throughout the day.  Ugggh.  I'm not liking my weight is up.
  • My hips, abductors, adductors, abs were pretty sore from what I believe is from those leg raises.  Wow, they really got worked.  I wasn't in the mood to do the Body Weight Flow exercises, which really are challenging.  Also, I did not do my shoulder exercises.
  • We are getting better gas mileage as we park our SUV under trees in our neighborhood so that it doesn't get the full on sun.  I wished we'd started doing this earlier in the summer as it would've saved us much more money.
  • Applied for a part-time job working with kids.  Hopefully that will just compliment what I'm doing and not stress me out.  Hopefully I get the job as that job will help pay for car repairs and a new computer for me, which my husband has agreed to build.

  • Took my heart meds, hair supps, probiotic, MSM.
  • Drank water (a 48 oz QT cup), but since I'm drinking less cold water, not drinking as much as I'd like.
  • Got my workout done.
  • Used the Acu-Masseur while the kids were in karate to work out trigger points in my calves, quads, hams, IT band, neck, traps, oblique areas.  Ow!!
  • Did a little grocery shopping at FC after school.
  • Took kids to karate.
  • Finish Friday's sub con work.  - got almost everything done and sent back.  One job has to finish tomorrow morning.
  • Eat leftovers for lunch and dinner.
  • Pick up Biotin & ActivaFulvic.
  • Apply at ST, EJ, CW.
  • Get emissions done for car.
  • Pay car registration online after getting emissions done.
  • Find a good coffee grinder at Goodwill for under $3 to replace my 20+ yr old one that died.
  • Pay car insurance (scheduled for end of the month).
  • Pay 2nd payment on daughter's book deposit (end of Aug).
  • Renew NN (scheduled for Sep).
  • Pay daughter's choir payment (end of Sep).
  • Pay son's balance on Chess (end of Sep).
  • Finish making solar screens for front of house.
  • Resolve format issues with some MP3s to my iPod.
  • Continue with job search.
  • File paperwork in crate.
  • Reorganize top of cabinet.
  • Find out costs for parts & labor for the things we need done to the Explorer - rear 3rd brake light (whole assembly $120 + labor), passenger side powered mirror ($31 from eBay + labor), passenger front seat powered windows ($120-200 total), left rear tail light ($35 from eBay + labor), rear windshield wiper ($20 from eBay + labor), front hood strut mechanism, lower ball joint replacements ($335), front & rear shocks & struts ($380), rear driver's side door fixing it ($200), belt for the P/R/D ($135).
  • 10:45 pm - 3:00 am (4.25 hrs and some change) - My husband was just going to bed, and he kept shining the flashlight into my eyes and this made me wake up and from 3:00-6:00, I couldn't hardly get back to sleep, so I maybe got a total of 1/2 hr here.  I asked him to not do that ever again.  He's done it often and thinks it's funny, but it isn't. 
Breakfast (7:00 am) -  2 egg sliders made by my daughter. 

Breakfast 2  (8:15 am) - a Bacon Croissant sandwich from JIB.

Lunch (2:00 pm) - a combo of the salad leftover combo from yesterday and last night's brussel sprout melange.

Snack (4:30 pm) - chicarones (fresh pork rinds) and some spicy potato chips (Mexican style)

Dinner (8:15 pm) -  Same as what I had for lunch.

Workout Time = 1:20 pm

Ageless Abs Warmup - 3:16 min 
  • 10 pushups
  • 12 squats
  • 10 spiderman crawls total - too sore to do the jumps
  • 20 jumping jacks
Zuzka Beginner #5 - 12 Min. AMRAP
  • 20 Stationary Side Lunges
  • 20 Criss Cross Mountain Climbers
  • 20 Air Squats
  • 20 Lying Leg Raises
Rounds Completed:  3 full rounds + 20 Lunges + 4 Climbers (80 reps x 3 rounds + 24 = 266 reps total)

Cooldown:  9:01 min. - shortened the cooldown 

Warmup:  Time = 3:16, Max HR = 133 bpm, Avg HR = 113 bpm
Round 1:  Time = 3:54, Max HR = 132 bpm, Avg HR = 120 bpm 
Round 2:  Time = 3:33, Max HR = 142 bpm, Avg HR = 131 bpm 
Round 3:  Time = 3:47, Max HR = 147 bpm, Avg HR = 136 bpm 
Round 4:  Time = 1:18, Max HR = 144 bpm, Avg HR = 137 bpm
Cooldown:  Time = 9:01, Max HR = 140 bpm, Avg HR = 113 bpm

Zone 1 = 4:55, Zone 2 = 4:54, Zone 3 = 1:26, Zone 4 = 1:36, Zone 5 = 0:00

Total Time = 24:50
Max HR = 147 bpm
Avg HR = 122 bpm
Total Calories = 253

Notes:   Though my abs and legs were pretty sore, I was able to push to reduce the time of the rounds and get more reps in this workout.  I don't know if I'll do this workout again tomorrow or not.  I really didn't want to workout, but glad I did. 

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