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Wk 2, Day 5 (Fri, 2-Aug-2013)

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  • This summer has had a lot of costly expenses with my dental stuff, chiropractor, car, kids' school stuff.  Hopefully this month, I can make some good money for September in my sub contracting job and my husband with his consulting work, as well as other freelance stuff for us.
  • I have worked out 3 days in a row, which I feel pretty good about.  The workouts challenge, but not so much that I'm left not wanting to do them.
  • Though I had a small brownie and some fries yesterday, my weight continues to go down.  Albiet, today it was only down 0.2 lb, but I'll take it.  My husband says he is noticing that I'm getting smaller.
  • My Polar Heartrate monitor is on Low Battery again.  Last time was about 1.5 yrs ago, so it'll be soon time to send it in to get the battery replaced.  Uggh.  I probably should've done this BEFORE I started working out.
  • Looked at some new Polar Heartrate monitors.  They are really nice and EXPENSIVE.  Mine still works well, but it would be nice to have a new one.  I need to find my old one and send that in also to have a new battery put in it, as I think I'll probably give that one to my daughter, as she's been working out.
  • Today I'm guessing the Master will have our son test for his next belt, which is the Purple belt.  He's been practicing every day and for longer periods of time.  My son finally earned his long awaited Purple belt!!  Praise God!
  • Picked up my husband's Takamine from the music store!!!  He is happily playing it now, but we will never buy another Takamine again.  Their customer support needs a lot of improvement, but it is a super nice guitar.

  • Got my GymBoss MiniMAX interval timer.  I'm excited to program it and use it soon.
  • Eating today, especially dinner wasn't healthy at all.  At least I didn't drink any soda.  We were so hurried from 5:15 pm to 10:15 pm - rush to music store that is 17 miles away, then rush to grocery store & pickup fast food for a quick dinner for the adults (kids can't eat right before karate), then rush to karate, then rush to daughter's school to meet her teachers at the end, then rush to the grocery store, then rush to take our daughter to her sleepover/trip.  Whew!  Home now.
  • Tried to get my Friday sub work, but something's wrong.  Sent an email to the company, but they won't get it until Monday.  Arrrgh.  I normally do not pull my jobs so late, but I've been swamped all day.
  • We will be giving our Goodwill trips a break with no Goodwill at all for the month of August.  Instead, we hope to get in a couple day trips to other parts of AZ this month.
  • Made a yummy pork dish in the crockpot.  That's for tomorrow's meals.
  • Took my heart meds, hair supps, probiotic, MSM.
  • Drank ice cold water (using a 42 oz cup).
  • Did workout.
  • Send in my invoice on my sub job on Monday.
  • Listen to Katie Souza audios.
  • Do 3 loads of clothes laundry, 1 load towel laundry, 1 load rugs.
  • Have kids take out trash, clean the toilet, clean the bathroom sink.
  • Call BM to see if we can pick up the replacement Takamine.  They received it this morning.
  • Pick up Takamine before karate. Got to the music store 5 min. before they locked up.  Thank you God for getting us there in time!
  • Drop DVDs off at library.  Oops.  Now I owe a fine on 1 DVD and 1 book because I couldn't renew online.
  • Return all the work for Thursday.
  • Go to Safeway to pickup sugar for husband.
  • Go to FC to pickup some veggies & mantecas.
  • Renew 1 DVD online from the library.
  • Fill out Discount Tire Survey.
  • Fill out Corsair Survey.
  • Drop daughter off at KJ's for sleepover.
  • Renew DVDs online for library.
  • Send email to ex thanking him for sending me his paystub.
  • Buy Biotin at Sprouts (25% off).
  • Take daughter to meet her teachers Friday night.
  • Make first payment for daughter's textbooks ($60).  Nobody to take my money.  Will have to drop off on Tues when school starts.
  • Call MS about Yuma stuff.
  • Get the GymBoss from the mailbox.
  • He told me to go online and apply for ST.
  • Get emissions done for car.
  • Pay car registration online after getting emissions done.
  • Finish filling out all the Immigration paperwork.
  • Make copies of all Immigration paperwork.
  • Get passport photos.
  • Finish filling out HOA paperwork, take pictures and fax into the office.
  • Pay pest control online.
  • Pay cell phone bill.
  • Pay car insurance.
  • Pay cable modem.
  • Finish making solar screens for front of house.
  • Continue with job search.
  • File paperwork in crate.
  • Reorganize top of cabinet.
  • Find out costs for parts & labor for the things we need done to the Explorer - rear 3rd brake light (whole assembly $120 + labor), passenger side powered mirror ($31 from eBay + labor), passenger front seat powered windows ($120-200 total), left rear tail light ($35 from eBay + labor), rear windshield wiper ($20 from eBay + labor), front hood strut mechanism, lower ball joint replacements ($335), front & rear shocks & struts ($380), rear driver's side door fixing it ($200), belt for the P/R/D ($135).
  • 11:45 pm to 7:30 am (7 hrs) - Yes, I know the time doesn't add up as it's about 7.75 hrs of sleep, but my husband woke me up in the middle of the night, so that wasn't continuous sleep.  Thankfully he woke me up in the middle of a sleep cycle, so I was able to easily go back to sleep even though we were up for a bit.  

Post Workout Smoothie  (11:00 am) - I probably need to eat earlier before my workout, then have my post workout smoothie.  Yesterday and today I did not eat breakfast, rather just the post workout smoothie.  Today's smoothie is - spinach, cinnamon, pineapple, greens powder, no flavor whey protein, ground flaxseed, ice, water, stevia, blueberries.  This smoothie was a bit too sweet, which I think that sweetness came from the pineapple.  So, next time I use pineapple, I will not use stevia.  I only drank about 1/2 of this and the kids drank the rest after they practiced karate.

Snack (12:30 pm) - Popeye ice cream (homemade) - spinach, stevia, ice, vanilla extract, coconut milk, pineapple.  Just had a little bit, as I wasn't too hungry after the protein smoothie.
I let the ice cream sit for too long and it started to melt.
Lunch (2:00 pm) -   Leftover smorgasborg - white rice, black beans, cilantro rice, chicken fajita meat & grilled veggies, kung pao chicken, sour cream, tomatillo red chili salsa on a salad plate.  This is leftovers from 2 different meals.  Taking up too much space in the frig.  We still have leftovers from last night, but at least 3 containers are gone.

Dinner 1 (6:15 pm) - 1/2 Whopper (no cheese), large unsweetened iced tea, 2 onion rings.  No picture.  On the road rushing to the music store, then to karate.

Dinner 2 (9:30 pm) - 1/2 McDouble, 1/3 large fries.  No picture.  Just finished with daughter's meeting most of her teachers & going to the grocery store.  

Workout Time = 9:38 am

Ageless Abs Warmup - 3:39 
  • 12 squats
  • 10 pushups
  • 20 jumping jacks
  • 10 spiderman crawls total
Zuzka Beginner #2 - 10 Min. AMRAP
  • 4 sumo squats with 10 pulses down
  • 20 mountain climbers (stepping, not jumping)
  • 20 bridge ups
  • 10 alternating arm/leg extend outs
Rounds Completed: 3.75 rounds (54 reps x  3.75 rounds = 206 reps total)

Cooldown + 1 Round Shoulder Exercises on Swiss Ball (Superman, Chicken Wings, W, Jumping Jacks)

Warmup:  Time = 3:39, Max HR = 138 bpm, Avg HR = 114 bpm
Round 1:  Time = 2:44, Max HR = 143 bpm, Avg HR = 133 bpm
Round 2:  Time = 2:43, Max HR = 150 bpm, Avg HR = 140 bpm
Round 3:  Time = 2:32, Max HR = 154 bpm, Avg HR = 144 bpm
Round 4:  Time = 2:13, Max HR = 158 bpm, Avg HR = 148 bpm
Cooldown:  Time = 17:15, Max HR = 149 bpm, Avg HR = 125 bpm

Zone 1 = 9:23, Zone 2 = 7:35, Zone 3 = 4:43, Zone 4 = 2:50, Zone 5 = 0:32

Total Time = 31:14
Max HR = 158 bpm
Avg HR = 130 bpm
Total Calories = 386

Notes:   I pushed harder today and was able to complete 0.75 round more, which I'm so proud of myself.  I kept stalling and wanted to wait longer to workout, but I'm glad I got it done so I can enjoy my day and get my work done for my sub contracting job, and possibly continue with my job search.

I did my Shoulder Exercises from Physical Therapy during my cooldown.  Next time I will do it before the cooldown and do 2 rounds, as this keeps my heartrate up.  At PT, I used a Total Gym to do these, but I don't have one at home, so the PT told me to use a Swiss Ball.

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