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Wk 7, Day 7 (Sun, 8-Sep-2013)

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Okay, it doesn't seem like I am too consistent at blogging.  Sorry.  Just too much on my plate.

What have I been doing?

  • My BPs are good.  Reading today was 109/75, 62 bpm.
  • My weight is the lowest it's been since 2007.
  • We got the garaged cleaned so that now 1 car fits in it instead of zero cars.
  • Not getting as much weekend work done on my sub con job.  Busy.
  • Son placed 3rd place out of 61 kids in the first Chess tournament for the season.  He's playing better.
  • Went to Dim Sum with my mom and stepdad.  Did not overeat or eat as much as I usually do.
  • Husband should be doing his biometric testing for Immigration on Friday.
  • Thankful for the rain.
  • God is working and communicating with me.
  • Have been doing EFT.
  • Injured my ankle on Monday, but it feels okay now.  Lots of icing, some electrical stimulation, my husband working on my trigger points, EFT.
  • Resolved some things from my childhood that were plaguing me.
  • Doing stuff with my ST.
  • Husband really misses his friendships in Colombia.  
  • Got turned down for a job where they wouldn't even let me apply.  It was a sure thing they were going to hire me and then I don't know what happened where they wouldn't even let me fill out an application.  That was weird, as I came highly recommended and have no bad history.
  • Going to continue with my job search and try some other places, areas that I have not.
  • In many situations, I'm way over qualified or I've been away from the field for too long.  God has a plan and I trust Him.
  • Learning to communicate better, especially with my spouse.  This isn't always easy and quite a few rough moments this year.
  • Found a couple childhood photo albums.  I was a cute kid, but I didn't think so back then.
  • Finally went and filled up on water.  The guy was not too nice.
  • Thankful God brought much cooler weather while we cleaned the garage.
  • Enjoying a moderate to low carb diet without really feeling like I'm on a diet.
  • Half way through my Prophecy class at church.

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