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Wk 11, Day 1 (Mon, 30-Sep-2013)

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  • Yesterday we had invited three friends over to enjoy a Colombian meal, mainly prepared by my husband.  We had a great time and I'm glad especially my husband and son got to connect with 3 other adult male friends.  I just long for our own home that we could do this more frequently.  This was the first time we had invited this many people over to the house and there was barely enough room, but there was.
  • Haven't weighed myself in a few days, so I don't know.  My clothes are still very loose.
  • Today we get to fix a couple things on the car that we've been meaning to since early Spring but haven't been able to, so hopefully this will give us a MUCH smoother ride.
  • Continual isolation isn't good and I am really needing the spiritual support of my Christian friends.
  • We are very grateful for our mechanic who is awesome!  He charges about 1/3 to 40% less than at the regular shops and does a great job all the time, using great parts.  We are very happy to have a smoother ride now with all new shocks and new front lower ball joints.  We still need to get an alignment done, which will be later this week.  We are good hopefully to not need any more car repairs, but grateful to God for the money to pay for these badly needed repairs.
  • Didn't think I would be able to get my work completed early enough to be able to get a workout done, but I am.  Hopefully the next pay period, I will be able to take on more work, not get sick or have anything hinder me from making more money.
  • Today is eating leftovers all day, but I'm good with that.  
  • Really love how clean and organized how both friges are.  The baskets from the Dollar Store that organize the veggies, fruit are so helpful and that we can see what we have, too.
  • Grateful for my dad letting us use his car so we wouldn't have to stay and wait for our car being repaired, which would've been all day.  Also grateful that we cleaned the garage a few weeks ago so that he can put his new car in the garage.  It fits great!
  • Took my heart meds, hair supps.
  • Drank water (a 48 oz QT cup).
  • Get my workout done.
  • Had to use the Tens unit on my lower back (left side) and my upper back (due to the sub con work).
  • Upload videos to YT for kids for karate. - Thought I did this, but they never took, so I have to redo sometime.
  • Get weekend sub con work done.
  • Get all Monday's work done today.
  • Deposit check for car repairs.
  • Get front lower ball joints and all four shocks on the car replaced.
  • Get oil change done.
  • Get front wheel alignment done.  This will be Thursday.
  • Make sure Discount Tires calls me with the claim for hitting our back bumper. - They called me.  I need to get an estimate on the repairs and fax to them this week.
  • Buy eggs, Dove body wash.
  • Reschedule dental appointment to get teeth cleaned.
  • Followup next week on why there is extra stuff deducted from child support not on the court order.
  • Look up list of stuff Peter gave me.
  • Get some ActivaFulvic.
  • Apply at ST, EJ, CW.
  • Renew NN (end of Sep).
  • Renew AAA (end of Sep).
  • Pay balance on daughter's books (beg of Oct).
  • Resolve format issues with some MP3s to my iPod.
  • Continue with job search.
  • File paperwork in crate.
  • Reorganize top of cabinet.
  • Find out costs for parts & labor for the things we need done to the Explorer - rear 3rd brake light (whole assembly $120 + labor), passenger side powered mirror ($31 from eBay + labor), passenger front seat powered windows ($120-200 total), left rear tail light ($35 from eBay + labor), rear windshield wiper ($20 from eBay + labor), front hood strut mechanism, lower ball joint replacements ($335), front & rear shocks & struts ($380), rear driver's side door fixing it ($200), belt for the P/R/D ($135).
  • 9:00 pm - 5:45 am (8.75 hrs) - I was incredibly tired that my husband woke me up twice because I was snoring loud.  I wanted to stay up to work more on my sub con job as I had very little time to do this, but could not.  Was just too exhausted.  I feel refreshed again this morning.
Breakfast  (6:45 am) - some turmeric rice with eggs

Lunch (1:15 pm) - left over turmeric veggie rice and marsala chicken.

Snack (5:00 pm) - left over chocolate thing (a bite)

Dinner (8:00 pm) - Bistec, 1 patacones, guacamole, bacon & cilantro rice - I was so hungry I scarfed this down.  Absolutely delish!

Workout Time = 6:52 pm

Ageless Abs Warmup - 2:38 min 
  • 10 pushups
  • 12 squats
  • 10 spiderman crawl total
  • 20 jumping jacks
Zuzka ZSHRED #6
Just the preview video

5 Rounds - Burpee Countdown
  • 60 total Alternating Toe Touches to Step
  • 60 total Alternating Bench Mountain Climbers (hands on step)
  • 30 total Alternating Step Ups to Knee Raises
  • 10 total Overhead DB Lunges x 12#
  • 10 to 6 Burpees (1st round = 10 burpees, 2nd round = 9 burpees, 3rd round = 8 burpees, 4th round = 7 burpees, 5th round = 6 burpees) 
Cooldown:  8:58 min. - Mat & foam roller

Warmup:  Time = 2:38, Max HR = 135 bpm, Avg HR = 118 bpm
Round 1:  Time = 6:18, Max HR = 155 bpm, Avg HR = 144 bpm 
Round 2:  Time = 6:36, Max HR = 166 bpm, Avg HR = 157 bpm 
Round 3:  Time = 5:19, Max HR = 171 bpm, Avg HR = 164 bpm
Round 4:  Time = 5:38, Max HR = 170 bpm, Avg HR = 165 bpm
Round 5:  Time = 5:34, Max HR = 172 bpm, Avg HR = 165 bpm
Cooldown:  Time = 10:39, Max HR = 165 bpm, Avg HR = 134 bpm

Zone 1 = 5:25, Zone 2 = 4:12, Zone 3 = 2:54, Zone 4 = 6:36, Zone 5 = 19:38

Total Time = 42:35
Max HR = 172 bpm
Avg HR = 149 bpm
Total Calories = 651

Notes:  I didn't like that I didn't get a workout in today, and since I finished my sub con work earlier than I normally do, I figured since my husband was out, I could get in this workout with distractions.  This was a challenging workout and I could not have pushed harder.  I've never stayed in Zone 5 that long in the past few years, which is totally anaerobic.  I wanted to give up during round three, but I kept pushing and was able to finish this workout.

Zuzka's time was around 25 min., mine was about 29.5 minutes, which was 4.5 min. more than her.  I'm just happy I finished.  I don't really like working out so late, but I feel great that I got all my weekend and Monday's sub con work done, a workout, and the car got some major repairs done.  It has almost 218K miles, so we've been needing more major work the past year, but hopefully with most of the major stuff, the next year will be odds and ends, and not absolutely necessary type work except for oil changes.

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