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Wow, I have totally slacked in every way possible from sleep, to eating, to exercise, to taking my supplements, to everything.  Okay, really, time to get back on track.  It's cooling down here in Arizona and I can now cook again.

Where am I physically?  Not good.  Yesterday I weighed myself and did the bodyfat calipers.  OH MY GOODNESS!

I redid it this morning and thankfully the numbers are less than yesterday's when I did it after a meal and lots of water.

Hate to admit this, but I gained a bunch of what I had lost back, minus 8 lbs.  I had lost 25 lbs total and dropped down to about 21% bodyfat (I think).  Can't remember.  Anyway, I happen to put back on 17 lbs in 4.5 months.  My bodyfat is about 30.5%.  That's really quite disgusting.

How did I do it?  Well, ate grains & starches, high sugar, lots of sleep deprivation and erratic sleep, hardly any exercise, and some stress.  Wow, just those things can cause a person to put on basically a pound a week.  Ugggh.

So, I'm starting over again.  Today I started on Jorge Cruise's 14-Day Menu again.  Gotta start back on the basics.  A friend recommended once my body has gotten back on track with losing fat again, I'm going to integrate some fasting.  Will check out Mark's Daily Apple regarding Fasting, when I've reincorporated back exercise, too.

For the next week or 2, my goals are to get my sleep back in order (going to bed before 10:30 pm).  I wake up about 5:30 am.  That should give me 7 hrs of sleep.  And, I'm doing Jorge Cruise's "The Fast Track" - that is the 14-day menu linked earlier.

If I can't get these 2 things under control, no point in putting in super intense workouts.  That will only stress my body out more.  Can't have that.

No one to blame for my backtracking but me.  No one forced me to eat those ice cream, chips, Pringles, whatever I wanted.  I look forward to feeling good again and being organized with eating, feeling better physically, thinking better, and, seeing the good results.

I'm going to wait until mid to end of January to get my blood done again.  Should've done this in May'12, but didn't.  Anyway, my doctor is also leaving the practice, so I will need to find a new doctor.  I probably should get my thyroid, hormones checked, too.  But, I want to do this after I've done 3 months of healthy living.

My beau will be here in a little over 2 weeks and he will be joining me on my quest to get healthy, lean and fit.  I would love to get off my heart meds once and for all.  My beau is supportive of me, and it will be great that we will be doing this over the holidays so we don't gain weight during that time and hopefully lose bodyfat.

I'm thrilled (that's an understatement) that he is moving here and I can't wait to cook him all those delicious Paleo (or low carb) meals that I was doing earlier this year.  He doesn't cook, but I'm going to teach him.

So, look forward to more regular posting from me.

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